Monday, December 20, 2010

{The Owens' Take Manhattan}


Oh how we love New York City!  We are so grateful to live close enough to take little day trips here and there throughout the year.  New York City hold lots a amazing memories for our little family.  Adam and I used to go to the city pretty often before we have our little ones.  After Madison was born in 2005 we took her into the city when she was just a newborn -- wow it was so easy back then!  Then there was our many trips with our little Gavin.  He loved New York -- taking in all the sounds, smells and of course the people watching.  


I feel like taking Gavin and now Angela up to New York City in the rush of the Christmas season is a crazy cool symbol of just what our family is all about -- making the impossible so very possible, doing whatever it takes to give our kids the most amazing life.  We had a feeling Angela would love the city.  Out little girl is quite the diva -- always wanting some kind of stimulation.  Well -- NYC is stimulation central!  She loved all the lights and sounds and really seemed to be nice and relaxed.



Our first stop was in the village at the most amazing rice pudding shop -- Rice to Riches.  If the yummy rice pudding doesn't make you happy then all the crazy signage in the store will do the trick!  From there we headed onto the subway, which is always fun with a wheelchair!  All three of my kids love the subway, but particularly Gavin always was thrilled when it came rushing by!


We took the subway uptown to 49th and 5th ave to buy Madison's baby her yearly outfit from the American Girl Store.  This place was a total mad house -- it's actually pretty sad how much money these people spend on this stuff!  Madison has had a bitty baby for a few years and has two more "American Girls" -- which were actually 4.95 on clearance at Target.  A totally awesome find.


After American Girl we headed over to Rockefeller Center for a peak at the tree and all things Christmas -- then went to dinner and headed back to the subway to find our van.

Another amazing trip -- lots of smiles and lots of memories!

Things are going great with Angela, and I hope to do a full update after Christmas, giving more details on just what this process looks like for our family and hopefully answer some questions that people have been asking us via this blog and through email.  Once again Adam and I are in awe of the love and support we have found through our readers.  We pray each and every one of you has the most amazing Christmas filled with lots of reminders of what life is all about -- that little baby Jesus who changed life as we know it.


C's Mommy said...

Awesome! I love the picture with "Madison Ave"! Classic!! I'm so happy you guys are doing so well!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an exciting time! I always loved how you did such cool things with Gavin - tubes and all and I found that inspirational as we added our little one to our crazy life. I have learned that most things are possible with a wheelchair if you just believe it can be done! So glad that your newest little girl is thriving and adjusting.


meghan said...

I have a question about Angela.
Did you give her that name, or was it the name her birth parents gave her?

Karen Owens said...

@Meghan -- that is her birth name. We didn't feel it to be appropriate to change her name since it's all she knows!

We will give her a middle name and she will take our last name when the adoption is finalized!

meghan said...

Well, I think it fits perfectly with the situation, she is definitely an angel in your life. I think it's pecious.