Friday, February 11, 2011

{Growing Up}


These are some of my most favorite photos of my little Madi -- my first born, the baby I once was able to fit in the bend of my arm.  I know people always told me how fast the years go by -- that we should enjoy every moment because one day she will be all grown up.  This is so stinkin' true.  


Today my little girl turned six.  She is changing in so many ways.  She is maturing.  She is moving on.  This year I have to admit I'm finding my mommie heart just a little bit sad.  There is just no ounce of preschooler left in that little girl -- everything from the way she talks and walks to her thoughts and ideas are just amazingly grown up.


I don't think I really need to explain just how amazing this little girl is.  I just can't even believe Adam and I were so lucky to be blessed with such a special little one.  I look into her big blue eyes and I see amazing things.  God has an amazing future set aside just for her to travel -- can you even imagine the things she will one day do -- how her life experience will impact this world.  


I often wish I could do one of two things -- go back to when she was a baby and just keep her small and innocent or flash forward and see the outcome of her life.  I suppose for now we will just wait and watch  her little spirit and soul grow into what I can imagine to be the most amazing thing.

Mommie loves you so much sweet Madison.  You make me so proud each and every day!


Nathan Duvall said...

Awww, so cute. I've never seen these pictures. She looks a little older than Landon here. Yes, they grow up way too fast!

Happy birthday Madison!!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Madi!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Madison!

Lisa Marie said...

Happy Birthday Madison! You are one in a million-- a truly special litle girl, a blessing to everyone. God bless you!