Thursday, March 24, 2011

{Chronically Cool -- One Year Later}

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After Gavin's death Adam and I wanted so badly for duPont Children's Hospital to have a place where families could get together -- regardless what their child's diagnosis and find a place of hope and acceptance.  It was out of that desire that Adam and I along within a wonderful social worker and friend at the hospital began Chronically Cool Families -- a parent to parent support group for families dealing with chronic illness or disability.

This week we celebrate one year since our group has started and we are so happy with how our little dream became a reality.  Our group has grown to support about fifteen different families! We have on average about fifteen adults and about ten kids.  We offer a laid back environment for parent to just simply share stories and find support.  At the same time the parents group meets the kids also have their very own group where they do activities such a medical play with a Child Life Specalist.  

One of the speical thlngs about this group is that almost every family that attends walks in with a different diagnosis -- yet we all have so much in common, trying to learn how to live in our new normal.  Parent to parent support is something I wished Adam and I had during our journey with Gavin.  It is my dream that no family would have to walk through a diagnosis alone.  So many families feel they just don't fit in.  Sure there are lots of support groups out there but they are mostly diagnosis specific -- what about the rest of us?  Chronically Cool is that place -- a place where parents can come and find friendship and kids can come be kids where tubes and equipment are simply no big deal.

This group has been an amazing adventure for us.  I can't wait for what this new year has to bring.  Thanks so all the families who have made this group possible, providing support to each other.  

If you are interested in attending Chronically Cool Familes please contact myself or Jennifer Fenstimacher.  Meeting are held on the 4th Thursday of the month at the Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children in the back rooms of the cafe.


JayCee said...

It is so cool the way you have allowed God to take something awful and turn it into something for good. What a ministry!

Team Carter Jay said...

Wow, what an awesome thing to be a part of! I'm sure it helps many people in their walk through the new normal.

Team Carter Jay said...

Wow, what an awesome thing to be a part of! I'm sure that it helps many people as they adjust to their new normal.

Gilda said...

This is awesome. I remember when you posted this up last year introducing the Chronically cool program. I am very happy your dream is being fullfilled and your able to help other families.

Anonymous said...

Sooo Proud of you guys!!see u sunday!