Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{Five Good Days}


I am so happy to let you all know that our Madison has earned Camp Madison, which means that she was able to have five consecutive days of making good choices!  Yippie -- Adam and I are so proud of our beautiful girl for working so hard even when it was really tough.


It's so amazing to see her work things out in her mind.  We were out to eat the other night and the waitress had given us mints at the end of the meal.  Madison had just got done eating her ice cream and we said she could not have the mint.  She proceeded to take it anyway.  We reminded her of how hard she had worked this week and that losing Camp Madison over one tiny little mint would be so silly.  It was as if you could see the little angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other -- she went back and forth for a few seconds but then smiled and handed the mint over to Adam.  Seems so silly and such a little thing but as parents seeing our child make a good choice in a difficult situation was so cool!


So this week we will begin to plan out our amazing three day event.  Madsion and I will design the shirt together and then start planning the menu and the three special activities she wants to do. I'm thinking that this weekend will be just perfect for our Camp!


Speaking of Camp, Madison was officially accepted in the Camp Erin program which is a weekend camp in May that specialized in grieving children.  The children either have lost a parent or a sibling.  Although the camp is staffed by experienced professionals camp is so much more than talking about death.  I have heard amazing things about this program and we are so grateful that Madison can take part!


Bethany said...

Congratulations to Madison for earning her Camp Madison!! I am sure she workied very hard to get five days of good choices in a row, just like she stopped and thought about that mint. She is such a precious girl! I can't wait to hear about the menu she picks and her three activities! Camp Erin in May also sounds like a huge blessing for her!

TusaRebecca said...

Go Madison! Hope Camp Madison is a blast!

JayCee said...

Yippee - terrific!!