Thursday, March 10, 2011

{New iPad Apps and an EEG}


This past week Angela had her 24 hour ambulatory EEG. I'm not a fan of EEG's -- it's that darn glue. You would think with all the new technology these days there would be a better system for putting the electrodes on a child's head. After a long night with Angela, a bottle of nail polish remover and cotton balls I think we have the majority of the glue out.

She did have several episodes of possible seizure activity during the EEG so we are hopeful the neurologist will have some information about what we are seeing. I just am really looking to help her out of this funk, even if it's not seizure and more behavioral it's something we need to seriously work on as it seems like every time she goes into that mode it causes her to regress.


We've purchased lots of new apps recently for Angela. I wanted to share a few with all my fellow iPad loving friends out there! Angela's new favorite app is Tap Tap baby. This is a great app for kids needing that cause and effect input. The app is very simple yet offers over four activities in the one app. It offers fireworks as well and animal sounds and other fun stuff. I really like the animal sound because it teaches her to aim. If she likes the pig sound she needs to try to aim in the same spot to hear the pig sound again. Even with her visual impairment she still has physical movement and can navigate just by recalling her motions she made to produce a certain sound.


The fireworks is always a good one to get her little fingers open and moving. The black screen and the bright colors and sounds of the fireworks are a perfect combination for Angela visual impairment.

Our other favorite right now is fish pond. This is such a simple app and Angela doesn't really use it for the visual aspect but she loves the splashing sound and it keeps her very engaged!


Read along books are a real life saver when we are out and about.  Angela has trouble with excessive light gazing and these books, with the bright screen, help distract her from the light and help her find a more socially appropriate activity to do.  I love all Dr. Seuss books -- and they are currently on sale, which makes me love them even more!


Angela loves music and although this is a higher cost app this app offers to many songs and the best part is that it will play full screen and you can loop the seasons and it will play for around ten minuets. This is a great app to work on motions to songs and also get Madison involved in Angela's play. I've also learned a few new songs as well!


I'm just so excited with the progress our girl is making. Ugh she just melts my heart in so many ways!


Tina said...

We love the Ipad here. Have you ever checked out www appsadvice dot com? A friend turned me on to this site. Although there is a lot of stuff I just flip through it is updated daily and gives a list of apps that are on sale that day, and they have a section called Apps Gone Free where they highlight apps that are free for just that day. It's a great way to try games for free!

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion on removing the glue after an EEG...I have had those same electrodes with the sandpapering of the skin and then that super glue that they use to stick the electrodes to your skin for a 24 hour EKG. I use my Clinique makeup remover and I don't know what is in it, but it desolves that horrible glue without irritating the skin the way nail polish remover might. Hope that helps.

Chrystal Parisian

Kristin said...

When we were at Sick Kids in Toronto, we used "Removal" to get rid of the glue residue from various medical tests. It come in individual packs, like Wet Naps. We had to specifically request packs, but it did an awesome job. I don't know why they don't just give packs out to all kids covered in adhesives.

Reesha said...

Also on the glue removal try a lemon or dawn dish soap. As long as there are no cuts both work awesome

Ethan said...

I remember being told to use an oil based remover. I remember it would come out just by picking at it. This last time it was trouble with picking at it. I was driving to somewhere I needed to be. I thought I had gotten it all out and I hadn't. I began picking at it when I was driving. It was awful when I found blood running down my face in two places from where I was picking at it. I couldn't get it to stop. It formed awful scabs in that area. This was my fault from picking at it in areas where I had the scarring from my brain surgery. The skin from the incision area must be more tender, and dang it hurt afterwards. It did go away eventually. The Neurologist was concerned when he saw the scarring area all red. I had to tell him it was my fault from all the picking.
A time before this, I remember having the EEG glue in for so long that it left large bald spots all over my head. Now, that was irritating to me, and it really looked stupid:), it also grew black pretty quick. I still think they need to invent some kind of strong "suction" connector or something that comes right off without the glueing. I always dream of weird things! Some day in the future people will be able to laugh at the old time of the way things were done. We can do that with other things people had to do back then.....
eeg brain