Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{Nursing and Busy Fingers}


This past week we finally found a home care nurse for Angela and we started with twenty hours a week nursing care here in our home.  I had so many reservations about starting nursing care -- does she really need it? Do I really need it?  I came the conclusion that even though I know that Adam and I, without a doubt, are totally capable of taking care of Angela -- truth it, she is a lot of work, and if the services are available we really would be silly not to take the help.  Mommie has time away from home to refocus and come home energized and ready to begin where I left off, and Angela has time away from mommie, which I think is a win win situation.


So far it is going well.  Home care is so difficult.  It's awkward for all parties involved.  But I'm trying to be nice and relaxed and let time make this work.  Angela is doing so well -- and having some extra help to push her and practice the things we are working on is going to be just awesome!



I recently ran into an old nurse of Gavin's this past week and a million memories came flooding back. We really had some great nurses that cared for our little boy -- I am so greatful!  This past week at Chronically Cool Families support group, I was remineded of some awesome nursing memoires -- you know, the memories that we can never let die, like the time Adam forgot the night nurse was working and came downstairs missing some essential articals of clothing!  


This week Angela's little fingers have been in overdrive!  It is so amazing so see her little mind make body connections.  You can often see in her face that she is trying so hard that get those muscles to move in the way she would like -- and then BAM, her little arm pops up and the fingers start looking for toys and fun stuff.  It's so darn cool to see!


It click last week a way to keep all her toys right at her hands.  Those little links that are used for baby gyms and also to attach toys to strollers and highchairs, they have become essestial for keeping Angela's rattles and other small toys where they need to be.  I attach the links to her chest support in her stander or  chair and then attach the toys to the other side.  Why didn't I think of this simple thing before?  It works like a charm and she is discovering more and more ways to play and get those fingers moving and exploring!


Anonymous said...

That is great news. I'm so glad she's making great strides. Those links are great. I've attached an apple to them once, to keep my kid busy when I had to bring him to the Dr. with me, so he wouldn't drop his apple on the floor while I was on the exam table with the Dr. It worked great.
Good luck with the new nurse. I'm sure it's hard adjusting to a new person in the house.
Debbie S. CT

JayCee said...

Wonderful news and pix....you can tell she is making great strides. It seems like she is holding her head up better than in previous pix. Good job!

Scott said...

I hoped it would be just as embarassing as I imagined and I was right!!!!