Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{Less Than Perfect}


I am not perfect.  Shocking, I know.  This seems like such a basic concept -- no human is perfect, yet for some reason I make myself feel like I need to defy the odds -- reach perfection in every area of my life.


This thinking has really messed with me in so many ways.  I get really good at something then throw it all away simply because I couldn't reach perfection -- there was someone better and that didn't sit well with me.


Many people don't know that I studied classical guitar is college.  I was really good.  I memorized an entire Bach cello suite for my senior recital.  I would get up every morning before the rest of the dorm was awake and hit the studio and play for hours making sure I hit each note with perfect tone. After I left college I sold all my guitars of eBay.  I was frustrated that I wasn't the best.  I was so dumb.


This has translated into many different areas of my life.  Last year before Angela joined our family I was doing so good with the gym.  I had lots of time and I didn't have a little one to watch after.  Now I somehow keep telling myself that since I can't get on the treadmill and run three miles since i have to keep Angela with me then I really should just not bother at all.  Again -- I can be so dumb. This week I'm forcing myself to settle and realize that being less than perfect or less extreme is totally ok.  So I'm just walking with Angela on the indoor track -- and it's working out just fine.


I think God loves us less than perfect.  It's in our imperfection that his awesomeness is most awesome!  I just need to keep telling myself this.  There will aways be better photographers than me -- it's doesn't mean I need to throw it all away and find something else to obsess over.  I am me -- no other person, and God really digs this girl just the way she is.


Anonymous said...

God has created us to be perfect with ALL of our imperfections. It is through them & with them that we are truely perfect in his eyes.
I try to do things I enjoy & am not really good at. That way I am using what God has given me.

Adam said...

I love you...

Ash said...

I can really relate to this sentiment and way of thinking. It's something that I've always struggled to keep in 'check' throughout the years...and not always succeeding in doing so! If I can't do it "perfectly" then why do it at all. So foolish!

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Awww. I just read Adam's comment and you have THE BEST husband!

-Francine from CT

Phyllis said...

I am so guilty of that "all or nothing" thinking, especially in the area of housekeeping!

Heidi said...


JayCee said...

So true - thanks for reminding us!