Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{Running a Race}

10 Mile Race-2

10 Mile Race-3

This weekend We headed to Hatfield, Pa for a ten mile race that Adam had decided to do.  We had a great time -- and of course watching my amazing husband cross the finish line was so cool.  This race also offered a kids half mile fun run and of course Madison decided she wanted to run.  She has been preparing, just like daddy, for a few weeks now.  I wasn't so sure how she would do considering when I take her to the YMCA and let her run the track she starts complaining and pleading for water just a few strides into her run.

10 Mile Race-4

10 Mile Race-5

To my surprise she did so great!  The kids were so fun to watch.  Once that starting gun sounded their little legs ran so darn fast -- everyone was yelling to them to slow down, so they would be able to finish.  A few things really stood out to me as I watched Madison race.  Of course I was so darn proud.  I think as parents anytime our children step out of their comfort zone we as parents get this sense of total pride.  But as I watched Madison come down the home stretch I saw so much more than just her stepping out of her comfort zone -- she was so stinkin' proud of herself.  

10 Mile Race-7

10 Mile Race-8

10 Mile Race-6

Out of all the things I want to instill into my kids is self confidence.  I totally lack in this area and I don't what to be the way my kids live.  If Madison has self-confidence I really feel like all the other values that we really want her to grasp will fall into place.  If Madison is full of confidence, making a tough choice that goes against the crowd might just be a little easier.

10 Mile Race-9

10 Mile Race-10

10 Mile Race-11

As a mommie I need to make sure that I am constantly building my little girl up (and Adam as well).  At time I know I can place my expectations just a tad to high.  I want her to achieve goals -- not set them so high that we set her up for failure.  Last week we were sitting on the couch and Adam and I had a talk with Madison about what it means to set goals for yourself.  This was an interesting conversation with a six year old.  We talked about how she needs to first try to run one lap and once she achieves that she could shoot for two.  Once she can run a half mile then she can push herself a little bit more.  She thought this was pretty cool -- and the idea of one day running with daddy seemed to spark her interest.

10 Mile Race-12

10 Mile Race-13

My family fills me with so much pride.  I love walking into a store or an event such as this race and being totally thrilled to be in the position that I am in -- a mommie to three amazing kids and a wife to an amazing man.

10 Mile Race-16

So proud.


Sarah said...

That third picture made my day. Madi looks like she's just oozing with joy :)

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a family where both my parents run. It is something that was always such a great personal pride for them. My parents always believed that if we as children saw them running that we would also learn to love it. Now that I am in college and making my own decisions, I can say first hand that was one of the best things they ever taught me. Not only that staying fit is very important but the emotional strengthening it gives you is an amazing. just thought I would share!

Chicago, IL

*Monica said...

I normally lurk, but loved this! Great post, thanks for sharing your lives with us.

Phyllis said...

I grew up afraid to raise my hand or speak in front of people. I could kick myself now for being so afraid. I don't ever want my kids to miss opportunities or be limited by a lack of confidence. Nice Job Madi! (and Adam too) Thanks for the reminder about teaching them about setting small goals that turn into big accomplishments. Definitely something I need to work on w/my kids.