Monday, April 4, 2011

{Three Day Rewind}


Camp Madison was a huge success -- spending time with Madison and celebrating the good choices she has made felt so good, not only for Madison but also for Adam and I.  Madison is such a vibrant and spunky little girl -- she thrives on positive parenting.  Taking time to just celebrate her and who she is will have lasting impact on her over the next few months and we hope -- her lifetime.



We started camp Madison on Saturday by dropping Angela off at my parents and heading down to Philadelphia to the Franklin Institute for some fun.  We lasted about two hours at the museum and then Madi was done.  It was so much fun but Madi is still just a bit young -- but we certainly have no regrets. We walked through the city to find a place to eat and then headed home.




After we got home Daddy went and picked up Madison's favorite sandwich from a local sub shop.  We then spent the rest of this right just enjoying being a family and watching a little TV.



Sunday was day two of Camp Madison.  Daddy made Madison a yummy pancake breakfast and then we spent the morning at church.  Madison and I then headed out to the movies just her and I.  Madison requested to see Hop -- which as a side note I didn't really enjoy.  We had a family dinner to go to that evening so our dinner plans were changed.



Today we ended Camp Madison on a great note.  After school Madi, Angela and I went out for a little photo time to show off her Camp Madison tee and celebrate her sassy personality!  We had a really fun time -- Madison just cracks me up in front of the camera.  She is either on -- or refuses to do it at all.

Today she was totally on.



Originally we had planned to have tonight be family craft night, but since the weather was so nice, Madison decided that she wanted to go to the park as a family.  We had so much fun and even Angela was loving the park.  Angela has been getting so strong and was doing great is a regular baby swing.  



After the park we went and had an ice cream treat and ended Camp Madison sitting on the curb at McDonald's laughing and just enjoying being a family!  



I fall more in love with my family each and every day.  I look at these photos and I just can't even believe how much my little baby girl has grown.  I also look at these photos and am in awe of how much our family has grown and the amazing ride these past six years have been.  God has totally shown his amazing love  and provision to us -- it truly leaves me speechless...


britta said...

Your positiveness and faith shines right through Madi after Gavin's death. Thank you for continuing to share your story with us! Peace and Love

JayCee said...

Thanks for sharing all the pix....they are great! It was fun reading about "Camp Madison" - what a great way to parent in a positive manner. You are truly inspiring (and a great photog, too!)

Kate said...

I'm definitely going to have to remember the camp idea. I loved the pics! And I didn't enjoy Hop either. I went with some friends and their kids. I didn't enjoy the beginning at all, so about 20 minutes in I went to sleep and enjoyed an hour long nap.

jocalyn said...! :)