Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{Gavin's 2nd Annual Birthday Give}

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Most people reading this blog know that we have an amazing son named Gavin who died on November 8th 2009 after a life long battle with Mitochondrial disease. This horrible illness caused his organ systems to slowly shut down over the course of his three and a half years.  During his amazing 3 1/2 years, Gavin taught us to never lose hope -- to find joy in the most horrific of situations and peace in the midst of turmoil.  As we look back over the three wonderful birthdays our little boy was able to celebrate here on earth, my heart and mind is flooded with amazing memories. This year, despite his death, we once again choose to celebrate his life. In celebration of Gavin's fifth birthday we are once again organizing a Birthday Give -- a way to give back to the hospital that helped give our little boy 3 1/2 amazing years of life.

Our family lived most of Gavin's life inpatient at the A. I duPont Hospital for Children. We could not have asked for a better group of people to become part of our family -- they provided us with the love and support we so desperately needed during our many years of medical crisis, watched along side us Gavin's little body fail. They welcomed us with open arms, and stood by our side as Gavin took his last breaths. We sensed that even though it was our child that was dying -- we were made to feel like they too were saying good bye to one of their own. These memories are priceless.

During our years inpatient at the hospital we saw a great need for infant toys.  These are often hard to come by as many families take them home after their stay and donations of infant toys are few. So this year we once again will be collecting new infant toys, such as rattles, teething rings  and other small toys to donate to Gavin's Closet located on the 3E inpatient unit -- where Gavin stayed and also to the Child Life department to be spread across the hospital.  


Last year Gavin's Birthday Give was a huge success -- and to be perfectly honest with you I have so much fear going into this second time around.  I never want the world to forget my little boy and the legacy he left here on earth -- but truth is time is going on and I understand that people are also moving on.  Despite my fears I'm pressing forward.  Truth is -- no matter how many donations we are able to collect, just one toy will impact the life of another family.  

Donations will be accepted all through the month of June. Toys can be mailed to our PO Box, which you can find at the top of this page.  Monetary donations will also be accepted.  We realize that many people don't like to just give money to any old website or cause -- we get that -- so no pressure. But rest assured we will bring you along for the ride and keep everyone informed about how things are going -- not to mention provide lots of photos when we make the delivery! 

Thanks for helping us celebrate our little boy and the impact he had on us all!


Ellen said...

I donated last year and I will donate again this year!

Anonymous said...

Nobody who knew Gavin, or knew of Gavin for that matter, could ever forget your sweet boy. I never knew him but he has touched my heart in a way that few others have. I too will be donating in memory of a boy who gave so much in his short time here on Earth.