Thursday, May 26, 2011

{Our Special Gift}

Angela & Madison-5

God really is amazing.  I know that statement is used so much in the Christian community I feel like it almost looses its power.  I often times look back over my life in just complete awe of the inner workings of what some call fate, or what I have come to know as the intricate orchestration by God of even the tiniest details of my journey.  I look back at all the doors that were closed --  by my own choosing or Gods, and am blown away by the gifts that were laying just behind me at the threshold of each door.

Angela & Madison-4

Every movement Angela takes is pure willpower -- nothing comes easy.  She works very hard for every wave of her hand and swallow of food.  Yet despite these challenges she is moving forward.  Progress.  Progress is an amazing thing.  Progress doesn't necessarily mean it gets any easier but progress brings amazing strength to overcome.  

Progress was our gift waiting at the threshold of Gavin's death.

Angela & Madison-2

It hard to imagine a greater pain than to watch the child who was created in the depths of my body suffer and slowly regress to the point of death. After my baby's four years of struggle both in my womb and out, the ability to be apart of the miracle of progress is nothing more than a divine gift, sculpted by God himself perfectly and beautifully for Adam, Madison and myself.

Angela & Madison-1

It makes me stop still in my chaotic life and recognize just how good He really is -- how faithful he is despite what our circumstances are portraying.

Angela & Madison-3

We've always said that after Gavin's death we really felt like he was leaving us behind a gift -- the ability to carry on his legacy and live life, true life beyond the scope of suffering.  

Little did we know just how amazing that gift really was. It goes beyond a tiny little girl with beautiful curly hair -- it's a gift that speaks of faithfulness, restoration, promises kept and a chance at life once again.


Natalie said...

this is so beautiful. I love seeing your photos and always hope as I scroll down that it isn't the last one! You are so blessed and your family is blessed for having you! God really is truly AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Deb S. in CT

Taria M. said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. He really is AMAZING - He's more than amazing. And He provides so perfectly, even amidst pain. He is the Healer. Your family is incredible!