Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{Learning to Play}

Madi & Angela-17

Madison has never really had the opportunity to really play with a sibling.  When Gavin was alive he was kinda off limits as far as holding and rough housing -- things normal siblings do all the time.  Although Madison and Gavin developed their own special bond in their own special way they never really have much physical play.

Madi & Angela-13

When Adam and I decided to adopt one of the many things that made me so excited was the idea that Madison would have a sibling again.  Its been crazy to see just how perfect Angela is for our family -- she fits right in and her relationship with Madison is no different -- it just works.

Madi & Angela-7

The formation of their relationship has been amazing to watch.  I remember the first time Madison met Angela, it was as if they knew each other forever -- nothing about Angela scared Madison and made her uncomfortable.  Their relationship has recently gone to an even deeper level -- they are learning to play.

Madi & Angela-15

Madi & Angela-6

Often times, people who look at Angela and do not know her don't understand that Angela is a smart little girl who in many ways thinks just like a typical three year old.  She wants to move -- act crazy, and never sit still.  Madison has this ability to look at Angela and see just that.  Madison loves to carry Angela around the house, wrestle on the floor and giggle -- just like sisters are meant to do!  It is so beautiful to watch.

Madi & Angela-4

Life in the Owens' house is crazy as ever.  These past few weeks have brought on lots of doctor appointment, including cardiology, seating clinic and also a trip to the PCP to figure out some of Angela GI issues.  Angela has been having lots of vomiting with feeding and we are trying to figure out just what to do.  She is now taking all food and liquid by mouth but her stomach is unable to hold an appropriate volume and this coupled with her poor gastric emptying causes lots of vomit.  We placed her on some motility meds to give it a try and we are saying a prayer that this is the answer.  Angela's GI doc left duPont so getting in to see a new specialist is going to take some time.

Madi & Angela-1

We ordered Angela a KidWalk and are so excited to get it in and have her start using it!  She currently has a pony but some of the adjustments are broken and we just can't get it set right for her to use properly.  The KidWalk will take a few months to arrive -- hopefully before the cold weather get here again! We also ordered her a riffton seat to use for her living room chair and also with feeding -- this is the only fully wipeable chair we have found.  Just can't figure out why all these adaptive chairs are made with cloth -- so gross with feeding.

Enjoy the photos -- love these girls so much!


Phyllis said...

The girls are amazing!! The kidwalk is awesome, so great that these resources are now available!

Landon Michael said...

Hello! I am new to your blog, but can't seem to stop reading. I have a son who is 22 months, with seizures, developmental delays, and hypotonia. We currently have no diagnosis. Your blog is so real, and your family is so inspirational! Thank you for sharing your story! You are one amazing family! God bless you all!

Karen Owens said...

@Phyllis. I agree -- they are pretty amazing;). And yes technology is amazng -- the things they come up with!

Karen Owens said...

@Landon Michael. Thanks for reading and saying hello!

Jade said...

The end of Grad school and some other life situations had taken me away from your blog for a bit. I have however kept you and your dear family in my prayers. This is a wonderful post to come back to. Your girls are beautiful and you can tell that they enjoy each other quite a bit.
I hope that you are able to get your little one's medical issues sorted out soon so that she can be as physically sassy as she looks! :-)
Be well

~Stephanie said...

This post is going to cause me to come out of lurkdom! We are in the process of adopting (again!) and I've learned SO MUCH from your blog. I'm especially intrigued at all of the products that you've been able to find for Angela. We are currently going through the match process of our adoption and most likely will end up match to a child with special needs. I pray that we are as resourceful as you!