Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{Turning Five in Heaven}

Gavin's Last Birthday-4

I often wonder what it will be like on the day I get to see my little boy again.  I'm really hoping that he will be just like he was when said goodbye -- perfectly three and a half.  Madison and I have had this conversation so many times I've lost count.

Gavin's Last Birthday-5

This birthday has been extra hard.  Five years old -- it's so hard for me to swallow.  I think this year has been more difficult than last because this year is filled with lots of would haves.  Gavin would have been starting kindergarten.  He would have been growing tall and handsome just like his daddy.  He would have been talking and telling us all of his interesting little boy thoughts.  He would have...

Gavin's Last Birthday-3Gavin's Last Birthday-6

Today as the girls and I were driving past Gavin's grave as we do almost everyday we were listen to music in the car.  We were listening to Kim Walker sing, Show Me Your Glory.  The song talks about wanting to see God's glory in the most powerful way, just like Moses and Jesus did.  I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid, the song plays.

Gavin's Last Birthday-9

The months after Gavin died I would listen to this song over and over.  It was in my deepest season of mourning that I desperately want to see God's glory in Gavin death.  My heart knew it could be seen but my mind was screaming out for answers and reasons.  

Gavin's Last Birthday-8

This year as I listen to this song I felt different.  I've begun to see a glimpse of that Glory -- the very essence of God displayed thought our little boys life and death. I feel like that Glory surpasses all of the would haves. That Glory can bring comfort to my hurting mommie heart in a way that nothing else can.

Gavin's Last Birthday-7

Happy fifth birthday in heaven my sweet little boy. 

If you would like to honor Gavin and give back in his memory to the hospital he lived most of his three and a half years -- this is how you can do just that!  We will be accepting donation all throughout the months of June, helping us to remember, honor and celebrate the legacy of hope he left behind.


Mónica said...

Happy Birthday Gavin ! We miss you ❤

Mark Lopa said...

I'm still amazed how much this little man touches my heart. Happy Birthday, Gavin.

Ellen said...

Happy Birthday Gavin!

Gilda said...

Happy Birthday Gavin! I know I am late but your memory is very much alive. Still remembering that sweet little three year old who's beautiful blue eyes just stole my heart!