Friday, July 8, 2011

{Big Girl Bikes}

Angela Bike-1

Last week both girls got brand new bikes!  Madison has never learned how to ride a bike.  Before Gavin died we bought her a bike that she was never able to actually ride -- it was a beautiful bike but it was way too big.  Adam and I were obviously a bit over zealous when we purchased Madi's first bike, as we bought our 4 year old a twenty inch bike.  Silly us.

Angela Bike-3

Angela Bike-4

Since Angela was getting a new bike though the local Ambucs we knew it was only fair that we also celebrate Madison and also get her a bike that she could actually ride!  She found the perfect hot pink and white Barbie bike and she is doing great on it!

Angela Bike-5

Angela Bike-2

Angela's bike has changed her world.  Before Gavin died he was also given a bike through the Ambucs and gave him the opportunity to do what medical science said he could not -- ride a bike!  We are so grateful that the Ambucs helped give our little boy this experience before his death and we are just as grateful that Angela will now be able to do what other little girls are doing -- riding bike and having fun!

Madi Bike-7

Madi Bike-6Madi Bike-5

Angela's bike give her a motor experience like no other.  Since she is not mobile she never gets to experience reciprocal motion of her legs and arms.  The bike not only give her this motion but also gives her the thrills she seeks and loves -- not to mention puts a huge smile on her face!

Madi Bike-4

Madi Bike-3

The braces on her arms help keep her little spastic arms on the hand petals.  It looks a bit harsh but Angela doesn't mind it at all and actually really enjoys the motion the grips allows her to have.  The bike is equipped with a push bar so that Adam or I can help her ride by walking and pushing from behind, but with lots of effort Angela is able to get the petals around -- that's big stuff!

Madi Bike-2

Thanks so much to the Spring Valley YMCA and the local Ambucs for once again blessing our family with added quality of life!  Thanks for helping to remind the world that despite disability ever person should be able to maintain quality of life and ride a bike!


Shelly said...

Yay for bikes! Go Angela for being able to move it herself! And love the Barbie on the Barbie bike :)

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mommawood said...

This is amazing!! Wonderful to see the girls are both still growing by leaps and bounds!

mommawood said...

This is amazing!! Wonderful to see both the girls are still growing by leaps and bounds!

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