Saturday, July 30, 2011

{Gavin's Birthday Give: REcap}

Gavin's Birthday Give-6

On Thursday we had the great privilege of delivering the items we collected to celebrate what would have been Gavin's fifth birthday here on Earth.  This year Gavin's birthday brought lots of new emotions -- missing him so much and feeling the pain of time gone by.  But during this time of mourning there was no better way to heal our hearts that to honor our little boy and give back to the place that helped our family live an amazing 3 1/2 years.  

Gavin's Birthday Give-1

Gavin's Birthday Give-5

The feeling of going up to the third floor and walking down the hallway still is pretty surreal.  I love that place and I loved that time of our life.  Despite all the horrible things Gavin and our family endured it still was our life -- and a pretty awesome one filled with so many amazing memories.  

Gavin's Birthday Give-2

Gavin's Birthday Give-7

Giving back is the best way to heal.  The need for infant toys is so great in the hospital and to meet a small portion of that need with the help of everyone who made donations this year was so much fun.  I know when I started the collection this year I found myself very guarded that we would not be able to make a significant donation this year, but was then reminded the truth that every little bit helps.  I remember countless times inpatient and Gavin was given something from Child Life that made our inpatient stay just a little bit better -- it's so exciting to know that so many other families will have this same positive experience.

Gavin's Birthday Give-3

Gavin's Birthday Give-4

Thanks to all who help us keep the memory of our little boy alive.  Gavin's body may no longer be with us anymore but it's in times like this where is presence is ever so real -- his legacy is strong and runs boldly though our family -- holding on to hope and finding joy in the most horrific of situations.

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Team Carter Jay said...

Amazing! I love how you do this ever year. We are trying to find new ways to keep our little boy alive in this sense too. You are an inspiration. Thank you!