Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{A little Bit of Crazy}


I love craziness.  It must just be part of my genetic make up -- I do so well when a bit of crazy is added into my life.  It's just how I work.  I'm happier and way more content when a challenge is placed on the table.  My current crazy is coming up on August 28th in Asbury Park, New Jersey -- the SheROX triathlon.  I competed last year but had a friend do the swim for me -- this year it's all me and I'm very excited!


I'm way behind on my training so I've been needing to get this body into shape fast -- real fast. Last year's triathlon was a huge step in my healing process after Gavin's death.  Everyday when I would train I would have time to just simply reflect and remember by little boy and also work through the intense pain and grief that came along with his death. 


This year I feel like my focus is a little different.  I of course spend lots of my training time thinking about Gavin and how his life has in many ways helped to define who I am, but I've also been thinking a lot about the women I need to become to best honor not only God but also Adam, Madison and Angela.  I'm excited to not only gain the physical strength but also have a time of personal and spiritual refreshing.


Along with the Tri training comes the other normal Owens' Family crazy.  Angela has started private swim lessons at the YMCA and so far it's going pretty well.  This was a huge challenge for me -- the idea of letting her go and have independence apart from me is difficult.  But giving Angela the chance to socialize and develop apart from mommie is a huge part of development and something she deserves.  The instructor had no previous experience with a child like Angela, but I taught her a few things and had her utilize Angela's neck float and things are going pretty smooth for both Angela and the instructor -- and mommie!


Madison is six and creates a crazy like no other.  As Adam mentioned on his Twitter -- being a parent is so hard.  We are trying to create consistency and also a positive summer experience, which is easier said  than done.  Let's just say we are all super excited for first grade!  But you've just got to love her spunk and sassy ways!


Anonymous said...

Angela and Madison look so much alike in the first picture that it's striking! Have you heard people say they look alike before?

Karen Owens said...

Yes. You would never know we all do not share the same DNA! Kinda cool!