Tuesday, September 20, 2011

{Expecting Owens Number Six}


I read a quote on twitter about six months ago that changed my thinking forever and brought a new understanding and confirmation to the life Adam and I have dedicated ourselves to live. The post said this: "Every family has a purpose. What's yours?".  It literally took my breath away and everyday since then it has come up in my mind and heart several times a day.

Purpose is a powerful word.  It implies that something was created for a specific use -- it was intricately designed to perform a task and when used in the proper way the end result is simply amazing.  Its easy to look at an object and fully understand it's purpose and to not question it -- I use a spoon to eat soup.  If I were to try to use a fork it simply would not work.


When a family finds their purpose it's nothing short of a beautiful display of God's perfect design. Our family is so excited to begin the process of finding Owens number six and further embracing our purpose as a family -- taking children who are deemed unwanted and showing them just how desperately wanted they truly are -- how they have a perfect place in this family and embracing their abilities and giving them a life filled with hope and joy.  

We fully expect people to not understand why we do the things we do -- and that's ok because this life may not be the purpose your family has.  But for us, this works and it works very well.  Adam and I are excited as we to prepare both Madison and Angela for the arrival of their sibling.  Madison is very excited and Angela will be thrilled to have a playmate at home while her superhero is in school.


With the addition of another child comes change.  It will change our parenting strategy in many ways.  We have already begun to think of ways to make sure Madison maintains her time with Mommie and Daddy outside then world of special needs.  I've been brainstorming weekly Mommie and Daddy dates and also maybe a Mommie and me journal. 


We fully trust Gods perfect plan.  Our little boy or girl is already found, we just need to wait and trust and be willing to step out of the boat and into the water.  

After all that's where the excitement is!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!! I am so excited about all of this new change!!! Never is it a question as to why..you are so meant to be living, breathing, honoring, this path you have been chosen to walk..yet you take off running toward the gift that has been bestowed apon you! I am a proud proud sister..So happy to share you never ending story of loving kindness with each and every person I meet. You go girl!
Your sis

Just Another Ordinary Miracle said...

You really are an amazing and purposeful family!!!

Kelly said...


I am sobbing and it is not pretty. You are amazing and truly do have a gift to parent special needs children. I love reading your blog and seeing the progress and feeling the love behind your words.

This post confirms in my own life and puts into words exactly how I feel about my family. I am not saying I am a great parent but God did gift me to parent hurt children and be the mom of a large family. It is a gift and I do feel very blessed to serve my Lord through this ministry. It is the purpose of our family.

You are right, people will not understand and they will question the wisdom and worry about Madison. I speak from experience.

(I have 5 birth children and have adopted 4 and in my heart know there are more children for our family. NO ONE understands.)

BUT, the peace that surpasses all understanding will be with you because you are following Christ and His will for your life.

I will be praying for your family and your new little one.

Soooooo excited for you!!!!!!

Ernie said...

So excited for you guys! (BTW - I'm Ernie...one of Adam's Twitter peeps).

Karen Owens said...

@Kelly -- Yes we are expecting lots of emails filled with opinions. I think what people forget is that the kids God biologically give to us also are given the same gifts we are. Madison is part of our family and part of our purpose. They forget to give her credit and fail to see how God has also equipped her and given us the ability to give her balance and meet her needs.

Erin said...

Congratulations! We too are on the journey to add to our family through adoption. We are currently awaiting our first placement and it is such a anxious time. Many blessings upon your family in the coming months!

Rachael said...

on a silly note, I about choked because I am eating soup as I read this... hahaha!

I haven't commented in a while but I'm still following... you are amazing, you and your whole family. I'm excited for you! You have definitely found your bliss. :)

Anonymous said...


Your children are very blessed to have you and Adam as parents.

I cannot wait to join you on this journey as I'm also thinking of adopting a special needs child in the future, but at the moment I'm not able to as im currently in the military. Hopefully they'll see me as a loving mom to be but for now all I can do is hope.
Congratulations again and I cant wait to see your new "bundle of joy"!!


Iya H said...


Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you all!!

-Francine in CT

Jon said...

Wow...so absolutely happy for you guys. Just happy...God has used you both in incredible ways.

Raeann Schoudt said...

Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to meet the newest Owens. He or she is going to have the best older siblings ever!!!! And Mommie and Daddy aren't so bad either :)

Mónica said...

Oh my God ! Congratulations!! I am so happy for you guys ! :D You are a wonderful family and I really admire you!

Mónica (a Owens' fan from Portugal!)

Kara said...

Nice! That is going to be one blessed baby brother or baby sister. I can't wait to see how God uses you in their life and how that little one changes you guys to fulfill God's purpose for your family!

Holly said...

So incredibly excited for your purposeful family!

You are great parents and for anyone to judge your decisions just doesn't make sense. Although, I've been in this blogging world far to long to believe everyone says nothing but sweet words. I've gotten my share of weird opinions :-)

I'll be watching and praying for you guys!

Mum2twopreciousgifts said...

Fantabulous news! There is one little girl or boy out there who is going to be seriously BLESSED to join your family.

Prayers for you all from our little family in Australia.

Michelle xxxx

Shelly said...

I am so excited for you and the girls!

Abbey said...

Yeh! That is so awesome! I'll pray that God brings the right kiddo to your family at the perfect time. I'm sure he or she will be an awesome blessing and addition to your family:)

We just finalized our adoption on our two spectacular kiddos and kinda thought we were done. But then I find myself looking at the kids at adoptuskids and spence chapin special needs babies - and know that soon we gotta do it again.

Our kids will walk. They will thrive. And it will bless our socks off - even more than its a blessing to them that they are part of our unique families:)

Lisa Marie said...

WOW THIS IS SUCH GREAT NEWS!!! I have always thought, after Gavin's leaving this earth that I was hoping you'd adopt... I can see so openly how God has worked this all out to truly be your family's purpose, and for that matter, perfectly planned your children- like Angela, she is a perfect fit into your family! :) you know? I'm SO EXCITED for you that you are looking into your newest family member!! :) God bless and you'll be in our thoughts and prayers! Keep us all posted!

Missy said...

One of the most wonderful things I think you can do for both siblings, and siblings with a disability is to surround them with family.

I know I always wanteda large family, for a while, with so much difficulty in falling pregnant I wasnt sure we would be blessed with them.

When my daughter was diagnosed with CP, I knew immediately that the most powerful and important things I could do was to surround her with siblings. She has three siblings, who because of growing up with disability have amazing strength and character, beyond their years.

I applaud you on your amazing decisions and just as you are so lucky for your beautiful children, they are so incredibly lucky to have you as parents.

Krissy said...

You are beyond amazing! I have a special needs son with mitochondrial disease and I don't think I could ever go through this again. You have such an inspiring strength about you. What a blessing you are to your babies! So excited for you and can't wait to see how Christ will continue to work in your life!
Krissy and Talon

JayCee said...

How exciting! Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I am sooo excited for you!!! You are an amazing family and your kids are sooo lucky to be a part of your family!! Your family is amazing!!! I look forward to reading all about your new child!!!

Jade said...

Wonderful! My prayers and positive energy are being sent out to you and your family

Mo said...