Friday, September 2, 2011

{Childrite Seat}


It's the little things that in the world of special needs and disabilities are so stinkin' huge.  For example, this month Angela started standing up with a little support under her arms or by holding on to our fingers.  For most kids at just a few months old the stand up in the lap game starts -- but for kids like Angela, many never are able to stand.  So needless to say this is huge stuff.  Standing leads to taking steps and taking steps leads to walking.  Very exciting.



This week we also purchased this new chair seen in these photos.  Again, for most parents a chair is a chair -- it makes life easier but it's not really life altering.  This chair for Angela is a gift from God.  There are no straps and metal bars, yet it supports her so well.  



Usually anything we put her in requires the adjustment of at least on thing like a seatbelt or clicking tight her lateral supports.  This chair allows us a spot to stick her where she is not laying on the floor and is in a more age appropriate position to do things like play and socialize.  So huge!




These pictures make me smile from ear to ear.  This little girl is so precious.  Her spirit is amazing -- she is so spunky but at the same time a little love bug.  She is growing and developing in way I'm not even sure I thought were possible at first.  So thankful that God gave us this beautiful little girl -- to be apart of her life to both push and love so deeply!


Anonymous said...

The picture are great!! She is so darn cute!! Glad the chair is working out for her and standing, WOW what great progress!!!!!


Phyllis said...

With two boys who look so different, I struggle with how society puts so much value on outward appearances. Having said that, I am one of the most guilty and she is just gorgeous! I love her smile and how focused she has become!

After telling Libby who she is, she asked lots of questions, What's her name? Can she walk? Can she talk? etc. Then she says, "They are kind of like our family now. They have three kids and one is adopted!" I thought it was neat that she included Gavin in the sibling count. As adults we do but I didn't know if a kid would do the same. She said she especially likes Angela's curly hair!
BTW, you can totally tell she is your kid-she has your style!!

Crystal Maccarelli said...

I am so excited for you guys. The little things that some people take with a grain of salt. Whay HUGE achievement and with Gods grace you all are able to witness the big changes in her life. Angela I a very special littel girl who is strong and is very blessed to have a awesome mom and dad!!! The photos of her make me also smile from ear to ear with tears in my eyes becouse I also and very proud for her!!! Much love Crystal

Laurie Parke said...

It warms my heart to see her laughing so much! love it!

Bethany said...

Angela has changed SO much since she entered your family and those changes are enormous! It is amazing what love can do for a child!! She is just absolutely beautiful and each milestone she achieves is a foundation, a stepping stone to a future God has planned for her!

Kyla said...

She is adorable!!

Shelly said...

So cute and so exciting for everyone that she's doing so well! It looks like a big bumbo chair, which is awesome!

Kelly said...

The next to last love love love. Pure, deep in her soul, joy is spewing out of her in that picture. She is so precious.

~Stephanie said...

What a neat chair! Angela looks so happy and loved!

Kara Melissa said...

What a contagious smile! She's so adorable! I've get to get one of those seats for my son Sebastian, fabulous.