Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{Growing a Family}

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I never once thought that in order to grow my family I would need to be trained and educated before we welcome our child into this world.  Obviously this kind of family, we so desperately want requires us to do just this -- and that's what we have been doing for the past week.  So much training and so much education, my brain is full and my heart is ever more eager to find and bring our new little one home. On a side note -- just imagine if every parent to be were required to fully educate themselves before the birth of a biological child -- gosh, this would would be a different place.

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Last week we attended a traumatic and acquired brain injury conference in Philadelphia.  Besides the fact that is was sponsored by a lawyer wanting to help families pursue legal action, and this obviously does not apply to us -- there were still some really good presentations such as a look at neuropsychological testing and an introduction to ABM therapy.  We were very intrigued by the ABM, so if anyone has a story to share please do so in the comment section.

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Later that week Adam I were re certified in infant and adult CPR and then the following day we attended an all day conference on the effects of violence and trauma on the developing brain and then attend the break out session on fetal alcohol syndrome where a birth mother to three alcohol exposed children spoke.  Wow, talk about God's amazing grace -- it was very powerful.

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My brain hurts just thinking about  all the gosh darn learning.

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But it's all interesting and of course it's all more than worth it.  I would sit in a class for years if it meant we could bring our child home to join our family.  The search continues on for our little boy or girl.  We have had a few potential matches but nothing so far has resulted in an interview.  We have been a little late on the children that we were interested in.  We are looking at a little boy in New Jersey but we haven't heard if they are wanting to bring us in for an interview.  

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It sounds so Cliche to say we are just trusting God to bring our little one home -- but it's totally true.  Adoption is nuts.  Adopting from the US social services system is a very difficult process.  If someone tries to do it without the peace that comes from letting go of ones dreams and allowing God to take over and take the lead, it can be a long journey filled with lots anxiety and stress. We just can't do it that way.  We are trusting that Owens number six is already being prepared to join our family and we in the same way are being prepared to bring him or her home.  No need to stress, nothing we do will make it happen faster.  

Easier said than done -- but we are trying.

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For now we just dream, hope and pray.  It's crazy how a mother can love a child so deeply, even before the child knows he or she is loved by her.


Emily said...

I've been following your blog for quite some time now, and wanted to let you know I am praying for your growing family. Your trust in God is amazing, and I can't wait to see how He has planned to bless you!

Kristina said...

I know this will sound out in left field, but the first photo on the page with Madison and Angela - they actually look so much alike in the photo. I would pick them out as sisters based on the way the look!

We did a few ABM sessions with Katherine (I think she is the one that spoke at the conference) and had some good results. Emma almost immediately started turning from belly to back in her crib at night and that was a first for her! It is based a bit on the Feldenkris method and we are looking for a F. practitioner in our area for PT once she gets approved for her insurance and can start back at therapy sessions. We are hoping to find one covered by our insurance to help offset the costs. Katherine does do some free clinics and it might be worth it to try it out for free and see what you think.

Phyllis said...

I thought the same thing as Kristina but wasn't planning to post that until I saw Kristina say the same thing. Still sisters regardless but i agree!

Can't wait until Owens number six becomes a real little person and gets to come home to his or her (or their-smiley face) family.

I am exhausted just reading about all the training you two have done!

julie said...

Thank you.
I have always dreamt and prayed that our family would be able to adopt one day. Before our sweet Vivien was born, I was certain it would be a child from Africa (I missioned there once). After, Vivi's birth and her medical issues I once thought that dream was that, just a dream. But through your story of adoption I am hopeful, confident even, that this can become a reality for us one day as well. I now realize, God was preparing us with a gift that many other parents don't have...loving the medically fragile. Maybe, just maybe we will be able to adopt one of the many medically fragile orphans living in our foster care system. By your family, I am inspired :)

Unknown said...

This is beautiful. We are adoptive parents of children with special needs also and I totally relate to your observation that it is much less stressful when you recognize that God is in charge and His plan is perfect. We have been so blessed by our special children. I am anxious to continue reading about your journey:)

Alicia said...

i have been following your blog for a while also! I have also seen you at the Spring Valley Ymca a couple of times as well! A Few weeks ago I saw you and your family at the Target near Giant in Royersford. My mom was a foster mom for I guess 10-12 children some were spanish and a couple of them were african American.

the crucible said...

Beloved Karen!

We did several Child'space workshops with Bo from 10-28 months, as well as private lessons with a dually trained ABM/Child'space practitioner and credit that work with encouraging Bo's eventual catch-up to the gross motor milestones he was so woefully behind on.

During that period of time I think he either had a cluster of lessons or a workshop at least once every 6-8 weeks.

Our friends whose son has a TBI-type situation recently flew out to California to have lessons with Anat, herself. I will let you know their feedback when I get a chance to hear about that experience.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the profile for the little boy named Darius from Idaho. You can see it on adoptuskids.org Anyways, I immediately thought of your family.


Karen Owens said...

Thanks everyone for your awesome stories of ABM and of course your nice words! Love that we have such great support! Thanks!

Lisa Marie said...

We are so excited for your growing family... keep on trusting in Him. On a side note I have to say-- OH my goodness... Madi is growing up so fast!!! She is so beautiful and looks SO grown up, esp in that last pic! They are both so beautiful and HAPPY ... a true testament to your family :) hope to see you in a few wks!! love my fam ;)

thewagnerfamily said...

You are amazing! I also agree that Madison and Angela look SOOO much alike.