Sunday, October 16, 2011

{Surgery Day Four}


Last night Angela had a very difficult time.  After she was not tolerating her g-tube feeding of slow drip formula we switched her over to pedialyte hoping that it would give her some relief.  Her gaging progressed into full blown vomiting and just made her one unhappy little girl.  They decided that her IV needed to placed back in.  Angela is a very difficult stick so after about 6 attempts and several different departments trying a line was placed.  


So at around 4 in the morning we all got to settled in, her vomiting calmed down and we got about 45 mins sleep. Nice.  Today has been a little better.  No feeds are running so her belly is much happier.   She continues to have difficulty swallowing and often will often choke are become  angry and frustrated.  She doesn't seem to be in much pain, which is a huge bonus.  All these issues are all very much to be expected. The little girl I kept telling everyone was so simple -- probably is a bit more complex than I view her.  I like to think positive.


This afternoon, Madison and I had some much needed time away from the hospital.  We went on a special date out to lunch and then rented a movie and headed back to the Ronald McDonald House to watch the movie, which really meant Mommie got to take a small nap and Madi clean my purse out of a bag of peach gummy rings.  


It was so nice to spend some one on one time with my big girl.  She is so amazing and I love spending time with her and hearing how she is coping and dealing.  Adam and I always strive to make sure she knows she is so stikin' important to us and her needs are just as important as Angela's.  So far so good.


When we got back I learned that poor Adam pulled Angela's g-tube out.  This is an apparent crisis to the surgical resident as we are now stopping all meds through the g-tube and heading down top x-ray to check placement -- even though she has stomach contents coming out into her drain -- but it's all good.  I'll pick and choose my battles.


So as I type, we are waiting to head downstairs to solve our apparent crisis.  Praying for sleep this evening. I'd be happy with at least one hour.

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Unknown said...

Reading your post reminded me of my son's Nissen recovery period, 7 years ago. He also had some swallowing issues and they were just as you described Angela's. The difficulty was caused by post-surgery swelling, which eventually resolved.

Angela looks so good in your pictures! I think you will be very happy with the results of the surgery. For my son (whom is also adopted from foster care:) it was turning point for him and his health improved miraculously. Can't wait to keep reading your updates!