Sunday, October 23, 2011

{Surgery Day Ten & Eleven}


I pretty much don't even know what happened yesterday so I'm just gonna skip it.  Well actually, I do remember last night and that's most likely because I actually got some sleep -- a very rare event.  Last night Angela ran pedialyte through her J-tube at 40ml/hr and did rather well!  She woke up a few times but I was able to just give her her Binky and she would go back to sleep.  This is great news and in my opinion it's great progress.


However, our little girl is still struggling.  She is down almost three pounds since her admission and three pounds on her little body is huge.  Her weight is down to 19lbs and when undressed she certainly makes me feel uneasy.  I think everyone feels the same way, and that's why we need to come up with a better plan.

We know her gut has not woken up from surgery just yet.  It is slowly making progress, but it's a little too slow for the doctors liking.  She is draining out her g-tube and is a nice dark green slime, which again confirms that she is just not where she needs to be.  Because of this we need to get her nutrition and the plan is to place a PICC line in the morning.


I have so many fears about going this route, so many fears that stem from Gavin's life involving the horrible central line and infections.  I know things are different and Angela is not sick like Gavin, but it's still scary for me to think about.  I'm trying to focus on nutrition.  I really think once Angela gets some nutrition her progress is going to speed up even more and we can get the heck out of this place.


Today at the hospital was the annual remembrance service - remembering all the children who have died, including our little boy.  Talk about bad timing.  We got through it, but it was difficult -- even more so when we are already emotionally and physically drained.  But as always it's nice to feel the pain even if it hurts very bad.  I just can't describe how special it is to hold a photo of Gavin up to Angela and tell her this is her big brother.  Wow.  It just takes my breath away.

Thanks for loving our family!


Kelly said...

Praying for your sweet family.

Team Carter Jay said...

Still sending so many prayers!

Kyla said...

What an exhausting stay this has been for you all. I hope that with the PICC line and increased nutrition and less stress on her gut, her gut will start to perk back up after a rest.

Melissa said...

Thought of your family yesterday as I stood in my local hospital for representing my husband who passed just over a month ago. As they read the names of who'd passed over the last three months, they read names like "baby girl smith" - my heart broke more for families like yours who, for whatever reason, lost their children. Praying for better days for your sweet girl so you can get the heck outta there!

Karin W said...

i feel your pain...can't wait to see her smile again