Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{Surgery Day Thirteen}


Life is all about perspective.  I was thinking this today as I was laying next to Angela in her bed listening to her fuss, as her belly is still bothering her.  This stay has been so difficult for various reasons but in the end it will all be worth it.  Choosing to take a different perspective and see the outcome of our current chaos is a very beautiful thing.  Many people I'm sure ask why on earth we would want to so this again.  My answer to that is this: I'd do it again a million times for a million different kids.  A few weeks or months of our own personal hardship -- not having great coffee, no sleep and a cold shower is all worth the quality of life we are striving to give our children.

Again -- it's just all about perspective.


Today has been very quiet.  Almost too quiet.  Angela continues to be a bit fussy but not as bad as the past few days as we have lowered her feeding to only 10ml/hr just to keep her belly stimulated.  She did great on her first night of TPN and her labs look pretty good this morning.  Tonight she will go on full calorie TPN and we will wait and see how things need to be adjusted.  


I'm not sure what the plan is as far as going home.  I kinda got the sense that we will be going home on TPN and working on feeds and getting her off the IV in the next week or so.  Part of me is thrilled with that, as I just want to get the heck out of this place, and the other part of me who already knows the reality of what life on TPN is like is a bit more hesitant.  We can do it.  We will do it.  We will do whatever is best for our little girl.

Tonight Adam, Madison and my mom are coming for a visit.  Very happy to see my little bigger girl -- miss her so much and although face time on the iPhone is great, it certainly does not replace the real deal!


Karin W said...

You are probably going to get sick of me, but I'm anxious for your daily posts, knowing what you're going through. Funny how you just do what you have to do, and know that you would do it all over again for your child. I have a healthy, 5-month old boy to compliment Estelle. We had a scare during my pregnancy concerning genetic abnormalities... we were upset, but thought maybe this is our calling in life. Thankfully he is healthy. We've discussed adoption, and without a doubt would adopt a special needs child! Thank you for the update. Love the hair!

julie said...

She looks like she is feeling much better. I agree; a million times more for a million kids.

tytysmom said...

"Perspective" & pigtails :-) Everything is better with a new hair style. It was wonderful to meet your littlest girl in person. Her joy so evident and yours & Adam's love so clear. Thinking of you all on 'this' journey and wishing comfort along the way.