Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{Surgery Tomorrow}

Angela Grass-3

Tomorrow Angela will be admitted to A.I. duPont Hospital for Children for her Nissen Fundoplucation.  We have been anticipating this day for a while and in many ways I'm glad it's finally here and in other ways I'm dreading every second of it.

Angela Grass-5

This admission comes with so many different emotions.  First off -- it stinks for Angela.  A hospital stay for a three year old is a very scary thing, especially when they are not a frequent flyer.  Add in the fact that Angela is visually impaired and will most likely not be able to visually comprehend the new environment, and it sends chills down my spine.  I know she needs this surgery and it will greatly improve her quality of life, but this next week is going to be very difficult for us.

Angela Grass-4

Then there is the other emotional level for Adam, Madison and I.  The last time we were inpatient at duPont was when we last said good bye to Gavin.  Ugh.  Even though I've been back to the hospital more times than I can count since his death, this is a whole different ball game.  It's ok.  It will be nice to remember, but I'd be just plain silly to say it will not be painful and difficult on many levels.

Angela Grass-2

But I know we will get through just fine.  In fact, I kinda have this feeling that God will be speaking to my mommie heart on so many levels this coming week.  It was because of my little boy that I am now able to be this amazing little girl's mommie.  It's gonna be deep -- maybe a bit painful but gosh I know it's gonna be so stinkin beautiful.

Angela Grass-1

Please keep our little princess in your prayers.  Specifically pray for her mind and spirit.  She has come so far in her ability to feel safe in her world, to allow people to see the real Angela and not revert inward to find comfort.  Pray that God would protect her progress and make this a time of continued healing for her body.  We are hoping and believing that in a few weeks Angela will be able to eat by mouth with no discomfort or vomiting.  With her increased ability to eat orally will come amazing development -- and we are so excited for Angela.  She deserves this and I know she will cope and recover in typical Owens style!


Just Another Ordinary Miracle said...

Good luck! She will do beautifully. I really can't wait to hear how it goes. We have spoke with GI and Surgeon about going through this with Ivey. Finally. After all these years her tummy seems to have the compasity to have enough to wrap. We just spent the weekend with the j-tube clogged and had to resort to the g only. Misery is all I can say, between reflux and wretching and just knowing it hurt her ... This surgery will end with a positive. Increase her daily life. Some of the hard ones are the best long term, you all will sail through this! I know going back into the hospital will be pretty scarey for you too. Just the smell of that place, somethimes.... You are all in my thoughts!! And here's to no more GERDS!!!!

Carolyn said...

Praying with all my heart. God will carry you through. He is like that. You have two very precious little girls. I love following your blog. It is so honest and so encouraging. Thank you for writing it all. Showers of His greatest blessings upon each of you.

Anonymous said...

Praying for your precious girl, all of you who love her, and for the medical team.

(Momma to 6; the youngest of whom has quad CP and is almost 3 years old).

Francine said...

Thinking of you all and hope everything is going okay.

thewagnerfamily said...

I will be praying for Angela :o)