Friday, November 4, 2011

{Healing, Yoga & Progress}


Home is so healing -- even after returning home only to lose power due to a snow storm for four days.  Angela is doing great.  Her feeds are up at 20ml/hr and although she had some retching today she is still making progress.  Her belly is still draining a think green liquid so we haven't even attempted to clamp it just yet.  I think we are going to try to get to full feeds and then work on getting rid of the yucky drainage bag.  No matter what -- we are listening closely to what Angela's little body is telling us and trying to keep it happy and healthy and moving forward, and so far our plan is working.  I really hate TPN, but I have to say Angela has more energy than I've ever seen. I have faith that once we get her in a better nutritional place all around I feel like the energy will continue even after we are off the IV feedings!  


In other great news it seems like Angela's swallow has returned to about the same strength as it was prior to the fundo surgery.  After surgery she was choking on her own secretions and unable to swallow anything.  Yesterday I trialed her with some applesauce and she did fantastic!  Despite the thin consistency she was able to swallow with no problem.  I have great hope that once her belly is ready to tolerate volume she will be rockin and rolling.  I have a million containers of her special high calorie food just waiting for her to enjoy -- can't wait, but again we are taking it slow and listening her her little body.

I have no regrets of our decision to do the fundoplucation.  Angela is a different girl.  She is vocalizing so much -- sometimes for over an hour of constant babble and exploration of different sounds.  She is so proud of herself!  She seems free -- vocally free.  Before she was so guarded since her reflux was so bad -- she was constantly refluxing even her own secretions, it didn't allow for much freedom in fear that she would vomit.  She is just so amazing.  Social she is blooming.  To listen to her talk and interact back and forth is so beautiful.  She is truly a beautiful display of God's amazing ability to provide both healing of the mind and body.  So cool.  


This week Angela began a Yoga class at our local YMCA.  The class is geared towards children with disabilities and other kids like Angela.  Angela was a super star -- she totally loved the class and was eager to nod her head yes to anyone who asked her if she liked it.  The poses where very challenging for her tight hamstrings but she let me work her through them and we got an amazing stretch.  She was able to bear weight on her legs and even was able to stand in tree pose on one leg with me giving support on her bottom and holding her arms up.  So special -- we are so grateful that our YMCA offers these amazing programs.


Seeing God's hand on Angela's life and progress is amazing.  I truly see if as a gift directly from God to me.  After watching the suffering of Gavin -- my spirit needed this, and God knew that when he placed her in our family.  This coming week we will remember Gavin's death and also celebrate his life -- what better way to find peace in his death but to be able to see this amazing outcome -- the ability to be this kind of mommie to both Angela and Madison.  I see it as not only a gift from God,  but also just maybe a little gift from my baby boy.


Kyla said...

So glad she is doing well at home! I hope for continued healing and improvements for her little GI tract.

OHN said...

You might think I'm crazy, but I am looking forward to your posts a year from now. I am seeing such amazing love and reactions to that love that I really don't see how Angela can do anything but get better and better and better.

Thanks for the updates :-)

-M said...

So great to hear how well she is doing! I get so excited to read your updates. What a beautiful daughter you have!

Carrie said...

I am so glad that it has helped her reflux! I have to thank you for this post though. My baby will turn 1 this week and she is very behind in speech. I know that it is crazy to think that at this age but honestly we did not hear a peep out of her until she was close to 10 months. Now the babbling is hit or miss.. but she has severe reflux. So severe that she does have choking episodes. I have noticed a small correlation between her speech and when her meds are controlling the reflux. Maybe she too does not babble for fear of the reflux. It is something that I really feel I may press the doctor to explore!