Friday, November 11, 2011

{Visiting Gavin and a Short Hospital Stay}

Gavin's Grave-1

On Tuesday we spent some time as a family at Gavin's grave.  We sent up a dozen green balloons to our little boy and also ate some yummy cupcakes, and made sure to leave one behind on his gravestone.  I know I've said this before -- but I couldn't possibly describe what if feels like as a mother to have all my children physically in one place.  Even though I fully know and believe that it's only Gavin's sick shell that is buried in the ground -- it's still the body I gave birth to and the body I was able to hold and care for, for the short time he was here on earth.  The feeling of sitting on the very ground that holds his physical body, and at the same time hold Angela and Madison, brings my mommie heart and mind such a feeling of wholeness.  

Gavin's Grave-2

Besides taking time to remember our little boy, we also have been dealing with Angela's belly issues this week.  On Tuesday before we went to see Gavin, Angela and I headed down to duPont for an abdominal xray to see what was causing the pain in her upper abdomen.  

Gavin's Grave-3

The xray showed lots of small bowel dilation and also showed that she still had barium that was used in her j-tube placement almost three weeks ago.  Her little belly is still struggling to wake up and is just not moving.  

Gavin's Grave-4

On Wednesday her pain seemed to increase and after draining a yucky thick green-brown drainage out of her g tube since surgery all the sudden it just stopped.  This, added to the increase is belly pain made us a bit concerned so we headed back down to duPont for another xray and some blood work.  After looking at her xray they decided that Angela needed to be admitted.

Gavin's Grave-5

Angela basically has a Pseudo Obstruction -- meaning that things just stopped all together.  They attempted to clean her out thinking it might help her pain but despite running the Golytle all night nothing happened.  But for some reason the next morning her drainage came back and her pain seems to have gone back down to manageable.  No one really knows what happened and why the sudden stop and start, although in the wrong direction, but we'll take it as she is comfortable and happy. So we were able to come home yesterday evening to heal at home.

Gavin's Grave-6

We are giving her belly time to rest and heal and will go back down to duPont on Monday for some additional studies and to see if things are moving just yet.  Despite this second setback she is still doing great!  Today we went to the indoor track at the YMCA and Angela practiced taking steps and made it half way around the track!  Today I decided to use leg splints to give her extra support and she seems to actually enjoy the walking.  Most of the time I used my toes to push her feet forward to step but occasionally she would flex and take a step on her one -- big exciting stuff!  We are still waiting on the KidWalk, which I was told today should be in by the 18th.  I'm not holding my breath on that, but rather trying to use this time to help strengthen her so she will be nice and strong when the gait trainer come home!

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