Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{Eight Years of Amazing}


Today Adam and I celebrate eight years of amazing marriage -- Ok, well that's actually a big fat lie.  But before everyone starts sending me emails of concern let me explain myself.  Adam and I have a conversation that seems to keep repeating its self -- people often have this crazy perception of our family, like somehow we deify all odds and live a perfect happy life overcoming each and every obstacle that comes our way.  People often view our spiritual lives as something they would love to attain -- and although we are flattered, this often makes us both chuckle on a frequent basis.

During these past eight years we have both dealt with our fair share of issues.  We have gone to bed without speaking, at times let other things come before each other and we have fought -- pretty darn hard.   During our time with Gavin, long hospital stays forced us to live in different worlds -- I at the hospital and Adam left to make sure Madison's needs were met as well as try to give our family financial stability.  We both sat by Gavin's side and watched him endure a slow death and then came home and needed to be a strong mommie and daddy for Madison, still pay the bills and all the while deal with our heavy grief.

So I often ask myself -- how did we make it?  How eight years later can I sit here and tell you without a shadow of doubt that Adam is the most amazing man and partner I could ever ask for.  How did we make it through the other side when so many other families fall apart.

God seriously has had His hand on our lives.


Love is amazing.  It's even more amazing when you choose to form a partnership with the understanding that it is for life.  Love transforms.  Not only does it transform people lives but after these past eight years I'm convinced it also transforms situations -- gives us a new way to view and look at things.  Love is healing.  Adam's love for me gives me the ability to be broken, knowing that when I'm crushed to the floor in a million pieces he still loves me and is willing to stay close as God puts me back together -- and the same goes for him.  Love waits.  Even during a time where it feels impossible to love back, love waits it out and is willing to stay strong even when our hearts feels very week.  Love is honest and willing to admit that we are flawed, that we will never understand some things yet still continues to press on. Love is beautiful, even when we are covered in flilth and are down right ugly it still shines on.

These past eight years, while filled with some of the most difficult experiences I hope to ever encounter, have also been the best years of my life.  Adam has given so much, loved me unconditionally and has been my biggest fan.

Adam, I love you with a deep love I never thought possible. You are my soul mate and I'm excited to walk with you until the end!


Carolyn said...

Congratulations to the two of you. Praying for your marriage and your family. Can't wait to see where God leads you all next. Isn't God amazing?! God bless you all.
In His great and mighty love,
Carolyn O'Cain
P.S. I know first hand all about God seriously having His hand on a marriage. He has done incredible things in the midst of our hard times. I love my sweet husband more and deeper every day.

Anonymous said...

Angela has the same amazing blue eyes as your husband and your daughter.. God must have made her just for you. Happy Anniversary. You are truely blessed by an awesome God.

Holly said...

Congratulations! Here's to many more years of love and happiness for you both.

Kyla said...

Happy anniversary!

Jade said...

Wonderful :-) Congrats to the both of you on a very beautiful love and even more beautiful family.

JayCee said...

Congrats and Happy Anniversary!