Monday, January 2, 2012

{We're Gonna Rock This Year}


2011 was an amazing year.  We welcomed Angela into our family and mastered being a family of five -- four of us here on earth and our little boy in heaven.  We watched Angela change into a different child over these past 12 months.  I remember when Angela first was placed in our home we kept saying -- I wonder what she will be like one year from now.  Well I think we can say without a doubt that her little mind and body has found some major healing this past year.  She is different little girl -- she is focused and social and most of all she has this crazy joy that just flows from her little soul.


We watched Madison grow up in so many ways.  She has grown into a beautiful little lady who really makes us so proud.  She has shown us that she is "ok" in many unspoken ways - you would never know the trauma that she experienced her first four years of life.  She is very typical is lots of ways which brings a smile to my face -- but also filled with compassion many adults have yet to master, which brings a huge smile to my heart.

Our family has transformed over this past year and now we are excited beyond words to once again change and being our life as a family of six. This adoption process with Jayden has been nothing short of divinely planned and orchestrated by God.  Even people who choose not to see God in this process still can not deny how things has just fallen in our favor.  I'm excited to take on this new year -- to deify the odds and claim healing and blessing over my children's lives. 


Adam had mentioned on his own blog a few weeks ago how in each of our children's rooms we have the phrase "You have always been loved; You have always been wanted" on their walls.  This year, my mommie heart and soul aches for my children to know and understand the power and truth of this statement.  We want both Madison and our adopted children to know that we truly longed for them before they even existed.  And for Angela and Jayden who endured the unthinkable -- even during the time when they were labeled unwanted -- we wanted them so bad and fought long and hard to claim them as our own.


Adoption is amazing for so many reasons, but the most powerful thing is that adoption is what we as Christians are all about. Not one of us deserves the grace and love that God pours out on us, but yet he chose to give us all second chances -- a new name -- a new life.  How crazy is it that we get to do the same for these beautiful children.  So cool.

We are seriously gonna rock this year.  I can't wait for the first time we all get to take our first trip out into public -- Adam and I as crazy proud parents ready to show off our beautiful kids -- but more than that -- I'm so excited to show off the amazing story and new chapter of restoration and hope God has written through our family.  


JayCee said...

Rock it!

Follett Family said...

You don't know me, but your blog has been inspring me for the last 2 and a half years (that's when I started reading about your journey). Thank you for letting Christ's light shine through you and being so transparent and real to your readers. You have been so encouraging and motivating in my own walk with Jesus. I just wanted to share that.


Amanda said...

Angela looks great in her gait trainer! You guys are awesome! Dying to hear more about Jadyn! Happy Nee Year to you and your family!

Team Carter Jay said...

Awwww, I'm so excited to see where this year leads you!