Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{Seven Year Old Conversation}


In all honesty sometimes I forget she's only seven.  Of course there are the moments when she is sitting in the living room trying to fart so loud -- just to make sure we hear her, that I'm reminded of her seven year innocents but most days I actually have to remind myself of this.


Anyone who knows Madison would know what I'm talking about.  She just has this maturity about her that in many ways tells the story of her life.  I used to get very worried about her maturity.  In fact when she started school last year I feared she would have no clue how to interact with normal children who didn't understand what it means to say good bye to a brother or sister or live with severely disabled siblings.  My fears were very quickly diminished as Madison became this social little butterfly and would friend anyone without question.  I remember the first time she came home with a missing "good day" stamp on her calender.  The teacher wrote that Madison was talking with other students when she was supposed to be doing her work.  My first reaction was that I wanted to give her a fist pump or high five.  I realized -- She was just fine -- adjusting well.



Madison is a unique child who has the compassion of an aged adult who has seen both the most horrific and most beautiful of circumstances.  This makes her different but in a very good way.  This is why I often have to remind myself that she is only seven and be careful not to place expectations on her that go beyond her age.  This week Madison and I had a mommie and Madi date.  We stopped for coffee and hot chocolate and then went for a little run.  Madison loves to run -- and asks to come along every time I go out.  We had the most amazing conversations -- seven year old conversations. 


We talked about everyone in our family and listed their strengths and weaknesses.  We talked about how Angela is the best farter in town and how sometimes daddy gets carried away with his vibrato when he sings.  We both giggled so hard.  It was beautiful.  It was just a nice reminder that God has taken care of our girl -- in fact I've got this feeling that He is preparing her for something that will one day blow us all away.


Trish said...

it's pretty crazy how our circumstances mold us and make us who we become in our lives. your madi is very young and has seen a lot in her life! yet she is not resentful or hateful, but full of life and has a heart for others... this tells of how awesome of parents she has!

Jessabells said...

I'm new to your blog and am so enamored with the strength your family has. It has been such a joy to read your families story and look forward to reading more. Your daughter is amazing because she has great role models. So give yourself a little pat on the back. She truly is destined for something spectacular.