Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{Watching Her Smile}


I honestly have an amazing life.  I have the incredible privilege to come back to this blog a few times a week and tell you just how amazing my family is,  how my little ones are growing and healing and tell of how God continually proves faithful to our little family.  So very cool.  This post is no different from the last -- another miracle happening right before our eyes.


I mean -- seriously, just look at these photos.  Who is this kid? Big things have been happening for Miss Angela.  I'm not even sure where to start.  Ever since Jayden came home Angela has had one thing on her mind -- how to get closer to Jayden.  I swear she is just tying to figure out in her own way how to get the upper hand.  She knows he's bigger and stronger and can move so much better than her -- so she's planning her attack.  Angela can now roll both from belly to back and back to belly, which of course she mastered in her many attempts to chase Jayden.  She is also able to now roll up on her side and just chill there for awhile -- big stuff.


Angela has gone through this huge social transformation. She has this strong desire to interact with her world and talk -- this girl is so loud and I swear she is saying something important.  It starts at the bottom of her feet and bursts out her little mouth -- it's just obviously big stuff she's talking about.  Her desire to use her talker is also growing stronger.  Although she still is not able to visual aim, she does recognize that she uses her ipad to talk.  For example,  we went and saw the Easter Bunny and we told Angela to say hi -- she reached down for her iPad and started tapping away frantically trying to hit the hello button.  She totally understands communication now and although she is unable to express her thoughts she totally understands everything that is said to her and about her.  She has perfected the art of nodding yes and no, which again I kinda think Jayden's banging his head against his highchair helped her to find the fun in saying yes.


Angela's seizures are still an issue for her.  Though -- you would never know it.  Although her Keppra has increased a few times she still keeps breaking through.  We are praying that this most recent increase will do the trick and we can say goodbye to seizure land for awhile. 


Another exciting thing happening in Angela's world is that she is going to being going to kids church on Sunday mornings while mommie and daddy go to the big service.  This is a huge step for her/me.  At our other church she did come up to her class a few times but I was always right there and was able to help her nurse keep Angela on track.  Our new church blew me away with their excitement in having Angela join all the other preschoolers.  They actually approached me our first time visiting and let me know that they could make it work for us.  Next Sunday we will be meeting with the leaders to talk about Angela and her needs and how they can help make church successful for her.  So cool -- I'm excited, maybe a bit nervous.


I know I say it all the time, but I'm just so honored to be her mommie.  God could have chosen any family, and yet he choose us -- I'm just blown away.  

I just love my little Angela Piper.


livehappy08 said...

Oh. My. Heck. You have the cutest kids! Isn't she just a little ray of sunshine? Oh my goodness. Love seeing her progress, thanks for sharing her voice!

Kyla said...

She is SO adorable!

Shelly said...

Yay! I'm so happy that she's making progress and just look at these pics! She is a different girl!

Julie Weary said...

Beautiful child. Beautiful family.

Lia said...

I love the picutes of Angela particularly the way her eyes just sparkle with that wonderful smile. You take great pictures.

Katie Driscoll said...

Angela is beautiful, you are an amazing mom with an amazing journey... I am so happy I found you through instagram! Much love! Katie

dannette said...

It is so amazing to see how she has blossomed!
You mention a nurse for Angela, so just curious about what types of services you get for both kiddos? I am assuming each state is different. I know that here we do not qualify for nursing since Meya does not have a gtube.

Karen Owens said...

@Dannette -- Angela had shift care nursing back when I was working part time. Since she has her tube and seziures she couldn't go to daycare and they paid for nursing. Jayden has nursing 5night a week and two days a week, though we don't use the day hours. He is obviously medically complex so he qualifies even if I'm not working, which I'm not.

I used to hate home nursing but Jayden needs to be monitored at all times. This way I can get some sleep so I can be more useful durning the day!!!

Sophie said...

I love seeing pictures of your sweet Angela. Puts a smile on my face every time. Her smile is so contagious. Love, love these pictures!! And love hearing about more progress. Yeah Angela!