Tuesday, May 29, 2012

{New Glasses}


Last week we picked up Angela new glasses.  Angela's visual issues are very interesting.  When the average person thinks of visual impairment they normally think of coke bottle size glasses.  This isn't the case with Angela.  Her visual issues mostly stem from her brain damage.  Her Brain does not comprehend visual signals like the average persons.  She needs to look harder and actually make the effort to visually understand what she is looking at.


Like I said last week, Angela's vision has done a complete 180 turn.  But she still obviously needs glasses due to her nearsightedness. Her actual eye's have gotten a little bit worse this past 6 months.  Her prescription increased a significant amount and her issues with her eyes turning out has also increased.  The increase in her prescription should help her eyes turn back in but eventually she may need corrective surgery to fix this.  You can see in her close up photos how her eye turns significantly out.


What is interesting is that these new glasses and the new prescription has been a huge adjustment for her.  Her vision actually seemed worse at first, which makes sense since most of her visual impairment is within her brain.  This past week she has had to relearn how to understand what she is seeing, which should now be more clear and crisp for her.


Although I loved her blue glasses, these red one are a close match.  I should add that Angela picked these glasses out.  Now that she is able to use her iPad to tell us yes and no things are getting rather fun with finding out just what this little girl likes.  I put another pair on her and she insisted that they were not the pair for her -- she kept hitting "no" when asked if she liked them.


When I put these red frames on her and put the mirror in front of her face she lit up with a huge smile and said "yes" like a million times. So cool to be able to know what her little mind is thinking and wanting!


Francine said...

Angela being able to communicate to you which glasses she liked better is huge! It made me smile and actually gave me goosebumps. Clearly, her future potential is amazing and so exciting!

Strawberry said...

I'm new to your blog. I just found you through Instagram. My 3 year old has CP also. She just had the eye surgery and it was the best thing ever!!! Her perception is better, her balance is better and she watches TV now!
I look forward to reading your blog!

charity said...

she looks so cute in her glasses. i hope it helps her

Anonymous said...

That is awesome that she can tell you what she likes! Simply amazing! Is it possible that she is getting cuter??

Anonymous said...

She looks great in her red glasses! Now that she's home with her family the things she is learning, including how to make sense of what her eyes see, how to use her vision, is amazing! Her use of the iPad is terrific, also. I teach high school special ed, and most of my young men and women have educational and physical needs similar to Angela's. Many of my students have CVI, and it is often easier for them to see bright colors-like red, yellow, and orange. Is that the case with Angela? I wonder if that's why she likes the red glasses so much (she is absolutely adorable anyway, but the glasses add to her "spunk" and personality. Does Angela get services from a teacher of students with visual impairments? With a diagnosis of CVI she should qualify (at least in my state). That is something the state and/or school district you live in, should be providing her. The teacher of students with visual impairments who works with a lot of my kids also gives me suggestions to help the students learn to use the vision they have and to continue tp develop new skills. Angela's learned so much so quickly already I'm sure she can learn to utilize her vision as much as she possibly can.