Monday, July 23, 2012

{good news, bad news}


Lets start with the good news -- the Owens family is on vacation and we are ready to enjoy a week at the beach.  We arrived on Saturday and so far so good.  After packing up our gear and stopping five times during our two hour long trip to suction and other various things we finally made it here.  This year the beach is a bit tricky as Jayden really can't be on the sand for an extended period of time.  Because he uses his trach to breath, he does not use his nose and mouth to help filter out sand from his lungs and airway.  So our goal this week is to keep him safe but also let him experience the beach.  




Yesterday the younger kids and myself spent the day walking the board walk, people watching and i'm sure providing entertainment for all the people watching us.  Jayden was is heaven -- all the sounds and the feel of the sea breeze, a very new and exciting experience for our little man.  We rented a house just a block of the beach so getting the kids to and from the beach is pretty easy.  We are excited to have a week of fun, not so much rest, but definitely a little fun.




Now the bad news.  We lost the buyer our house and therefor the contract on our new house fell through.  We were rather surprised to hear that our septic system is a hot mess and at this point deemed unfixable.  We are now working with the township to come up with a plan but it looks like any fix would be close to thirty thousand dollars.  I could go into a whole post how this just really stinks and how unfair this situation we are in is -- but I'm not even gonna touch that.  Here is the truth -- at this point it is very easy for us to feel frustrated, but that's not gonna get us a new house and get this house sold.  So we are choosing to see the bigger picture -- overlook what we shoulda', coulda' and woulda' and choose to move on and press on for a solution, trusting that God has a pretty awesome plan for us.



As I said in my last post, if our original offer would have gone through we would have missed out of the house we currently were in contract for.  And now I can say that we are trusting that he has something better and it's just not time.  I mentioned on Facebook last week this thought that came to my mind -- although it may feel like we are going in the wrong direction, we are certainly not lost -- just taking a detour.  We certainly have walked through our fair share of detours and being in a detour is all about making choices.  Choosing hope, choosing joy and choosing to simply believe - believe that our path has purpose.

With that said -- we are ready to have a great vacation!


Trish said...

bummer... you have a great attitude towards it, but i'm sure the human brain wants to "fix" the situation now and get on with life. hoping that the end of this house story finds your family in the absolutely perfect house for you!

Crystal Whitney said...

So sorry to hear about your housing situation...that truly is a bummer for such sweet and caring people! Reading this post couldn't have come at a better time for reminded me that I have a lot to be thankful for and that even though I am going through a rough patch right now (and even feel like I have gone in the wrong direction myself) to think of it as a "detour" is perfect! Thank you for your inspirational words and all that you do to care for those kiddos! We need more people like you in the world!

Crystal Whitney said...

I am so sorry to hear about your housing issues...what a bummer for such sweet and caring people! Reading this couldn't have come at a better time for me...I am going through a rough patch right now (even feel like I have gone in the wrong direction myself), and it reminded me that I have a lot to be thankful for. I am on a "detour" right now and I will get back on track...that is the perfect way to look at it! Thank you for the inspirational words and everything you do for your kiddos. We need more people like you in this world!

JayCee said...

What a great way to look at it!

Phyllis said...

I have never heard a sewer called a "hot mess" but it sounds like the best way to describe the issues!

So frustrating when we think we know what God wants for us but then find out it is what was supposed to be. Praying that He continues to guide you to the right house for your family. It certainly sounds like you and Adam are listening and open to whatever He has in store for you!