Thursday, July 26, 2012

{Jayden Feels The Ocean}


Yesterday we took Jayden down to the beach to feel the ocean for the first time.  Love giving my kids firsts, and we have been so lucky to be able to do so many firsts with all our kids.  Jayden loves water, but as I said before due to the trach his exposure to water needs to be limited.  The ocean adds in more complications due to the sand.  Sand and an open air way just don't mix so we needed to be extra careful, but still give him a great time.


Adam held Jayden tightly and we let him go at it. He loved the waves.  He loved the sand on his feet and loved watching the water wash up and back out to sea.  So amazing -- watching Jayden and daddy, just thinking back to six months ago -- Jayden is not the same little boy we first met. So very cool to watch.



As I was walking the boardwalk I remembered back to the day when Jayden would fall asleep anywhere and at anytime.  When we first met Jayden he would literally fall asleep during the most crazy mometns -- like at the dentist getting his teeth cleaned, or in the middle of a physical exam.  His little brain would just shut down.



Now -- Jayden is as alert as they come.  He wouldn't dare fall asleep and miss out on any excitement.  In fact his favorite activity of vacation seems to be people watching.  This kid loves to be nosey and check out what everyone else is up to.

Vacation is winding down.  We are all getting pretty tired -- but still having a great time!

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Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

Hi, I stumbled on your blog interestingly enough from instagram hashtags. My son also has spastic quad CP from a brain injury.

Your little girl is beautiful and when I read you adopted her as a special needs kiddo my heart melted. It takes special moms to raise these kiddos and they are such a gift.

I look forward to following along.