Wednesday, July 18, 2012



It's been way to long since my last post and now I have a million things to talk about with limited time to write it all out. So here's my best try -- After camp last week the girls attended our church's extreme vacation bible school.  To say that had an amazing time would be a huge understatement.  Madison was so excited each and every night she came home, telling us about all her new friends.  She probably knows more people by name than Adam and I do.


Our church goes above and beyond for our kids.  Angela had her own personal buddy to help her have her very own amazing time at VBS independent of mommie and daddy.  Let me tell you -- our girl is growing up.  She is holding her own and really is fully ready for four year old independence, making her own friends and making her own decisions.  She blows me away.  At one point in the night we peeked into the gym to see how she was doing.  Keep in mind that our VBS had aver 1200 kids attend -- it was loud.  I looked into the gym and see a tons of kids laughing, talking and dancing to the loud music.  I looked at Angela and she was doing just the same!  There was a little boy looking at her iPad and her buddy was helping her dance, waving her arms in the air.  Amazing.  Made me so happy to see!


In other news, after seven days listed for sale we had a great offer made on our house, we accept and signed the agreement of sale. We had made an offer on what we thought would be the perfect house for our family but later found out it fell though.  We went back out to look at houses and after the first two we found a house that blew us away.  The price was just reduced by a huge amount and the asking price is way under the value of the house.  We loved it.  Great development and a very beautiful house. We made the offer and it was accepted!  It's amazing how God works things out.  If the offer would have went through on that first house we wouldn't have found this amazing place.  Settlement is set for August 23 and lots can happen from now until then but we are praying and really really hoping this all works out.  Lots of inspections on our current house and considering it is very old that's where things get scary.

It's amazing how much stress is dissolved by simply giving up control and letting God take over.  By fully trusting in his plans you just can't go wrong.  Gosh -- I can't imagine living life any other way. 


At the end of this week we head out for a vacation at the beach for a week.   Once we get back it will be full steam ahead. We go to court on August 2nd to finalize Jayden's adoption and will party hard celebrating that he is officially an Owens! Madison and I will be heading out to sleep over wilderness camp, then settlement on the house and a few days later we will head out to New Jersey for my triathlon.  


deep breath in.

deep breath out.

Trusting God.


Phyllis said...

sooo, nothing too exciting going on huh? lol I am so happy for you that you found a house that will better suit your growing family!

Rhea said...

God is so awesome!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So I've been reading your blog since before you brought Angela home and I find your blog to be very inspiring and I love your openness and honesty and how you are so real here with everything. You have a beautiful family. Just wanted you to know I nominated you for 2 inspiring blog awards because I think your blog is awesome and if it will help others to venture to your blog then that will be awesome too. You can see the lil wards at my blog here: