Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{pouring into her}

Spruce Lake-1

I look at my little girl and at times I panic. I have those moments that I'm sure every parent can relate to where you pause and this cold rush of panic comes over you as you realize that you are in charge of another life -- a real breathing, thinking and feeling human life.  The decisions I make will forever impact her life -- her future depends on my present ability to guide her in the right direction. Can you feel the overwhelming heavy weight that I carry?

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So here's the deal -- I totally get to take off that weight. God doesn't expect me to be perfect and in fact I'm pretty sure he knows that I'm gonna mess up this whole mommie thing -- and probably mess it up bad.  God is all about grace.  Grace is what makes me just the right mommie for my daughter. Grace takes my best effort and fills in the gaps.  What God asks of me, is to passionately chase after Him and this whole parenting thing just falls into place -- He fills my life to the point that I am able to pour into my children.

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I say this all the time, but what the heck, I'm gonna say it again -- she is amazing.  Madison is a unique child with unique gifts and abilities. After Gavin died and we started our adoption journey Adam and I knew that with the adoption of our two youngest came an added responsibility of making sure Madison's needs were not put in the shadows.  We have always been really good about spending alone time with Madison as we see the amazing results of our dedication -- her confidence and her joy.  

Spruce Lake-8

These past few days I had the amazing opportunity to pour into my daughter Madison's life. Madison and I went to Camp! We packed up and headed to Spruce Lake Wilderness camp for a parent child mini week of camp.  It was an amazing time to pour into Madison's life both emotionally and spiritually.  This trip re-reminded me of not only what an important job being a mommie is, but also what an amazing, beautiful and fun filled journey motherhood is. 

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We hiked, kayaked, zip lined, swam, laughed and prayed together.  So amazing.  An experience we will never forget.


Phyllis said...

So happy for you both! What an amazing experience!

Michelle said...

another fantastic reminder