Tuesday, August 14, 2012

{throwing back my lemon}


It's funny how at times we think we have things figured out, particularly Gods everyday directions for our life -- then bam, the outcome we expected doesn't happen, our path takes a different direction.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that our new home fell through after we learned of a very large issue with our current homes septic system. The problem is real big -- like twenty to thirty grand and a year long process to fix big. 

So let just get all the jokes out there -- it's a real crappy situation, it really stinks and it's a huge freakin pain in the a@$. 



We totally thought we had it all figured out, but it looks like the Owens family is going on a little detour -- we have been handed a big old juicy bitter lemon. So here's the deal. I hate lemons and I really hate lemonade. Why is it that everyone says to make lemonade?  That stuff gives me the chills -- way to sweet and way to sour. 



So this is my challenge to my self. I'm gonna choose to take that lemon, throw it back and demand an orange. After all, isn't God in the business of making all things new, changing them, making them totally different?  In the Bible God took men and women who were what we would call -- the really bad boys and girls, the big time sinners and not just patched them up, he wouldn't just make their bitter hearts sweeter but he would totally and radically transform their lives -- make something new.  God saved armies that were doomed for failure and not just made their loss a bit less bitter but but gave a whole new unexpected outcome -- a huge victory. 


Cause that's what God is all about. He is the makin' things brand spanking new business. He's all about taking a crappy situation and transforming bitterness into pure and beautiful love, taking grief and loss and opening the floodgates and allowing deep joy to pour through. 



We are so grateful for this life we live -- even with the pain and hardship we have endured.  I always remind myself that without a battles there can be no victories.  God is so faithful and we fully trust him with every aspect of our lives.  


So there it is. I'm throwing back my lemon life handed me and gladly accepting the orange God is just waiting to place in my hands. 

There will be no lemonade for me. 


Jennjilla said...

orange juice is way better.

Good luck, friend. something is just around the corner and I'll be praying for you guys!!

julie said...

After all the good yo have done in the lives of the children you love your are living proof of how God can change lemons in sweet oranges! Thank you for your fortitude and example , whenever I am feeling weighed down I think of your amazing example and then I smile and carry on!!!

Angelina said...

I love your honest and real posts. When I read your post today this song came to mind. Enjoy! Thank God for renewing hope!

Beautiful Things- by Gungor

Michelle said...

57 fseatioCan't wait to hear about your orange