Wednesday, August 8, 2012

{Turning Three}


Today we are so happy to celebrate Jayden's third birthday. As it was with Angela, the first birthday home with us after adoption is so very special.  This day we celebrate another year of life but also, even deeper, we celebrate a new beginning, a life filled with unconditionally and unwavering love.  



This week I was cleaning out our medical and adoption files and came across Jayden very first medical records from around 5 weeks of age when his brain trauma and abuse occurred.  Its really hard to swallow.  Even though I know the story and details by heart it still hurts so bad to read the details spelled out on paper.  But somehow the details in that paper work make this day even more exciting.




Not only do we look at Jayden and see this amazing child full of spunk and energy, but we see a child who beat the odds -- who survived.  I'm not sure if I ever told you this, but Jayden went into full cardiac arrest following the main portion of his trauma, essentially his five week old, tiny body died.  Somehow, this little boy fought his way back and from that point on never stopped fighting.




Today we celebrate his beautiful life and also thank God for his hand of protection over our sweet little boy.  We thank God for saving Jayden just for us -- for me, his mommie, to love so deeply, watch grow, help overcome and ultimately watch his little mind and body heal and help him find amazing joy in knowing that God loves him so very much and has never once left his side.    



Happy 3rd Birthday Jayden!


Kyla said...

Happy birthday, Jayden!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet boy! Happy birthday to Jayden.
May your house be rockin and Rollin with cake and all the party fix ins possible. Have a great time Jayden and sisters.

Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

Happy Birthday Jayden!! What a sweet boy!!

My heart breaks thinking about his first few weeks of life. What a miracle. Your very lucky to have him and he you. It takes special people to find the love and joy in special needs kids, your an inspiration to me and my journey raising a special needs kiddo.

Michelle said...

Beautiful. happy Birthday Jayden

Reagan Leigh said...

He is so blessed to have joined such a wonderful family!!! (Is it just me or does he look like Adam?!?!) Darling boy!

Kristina said...

I just love him! Happy Birthday, Jayden! I know this will be one of many, many happy birthdays with your family!!!!

Colleen said...

Wow, he is so very blessed to be part of an amazing family now. I'm sure you'll make his day very special!

Anonymous said...

I can see why you and Adam were drawn to this precious boy. I see a look to Gavin, maybe it's just the blond hair and blue eyes, or maybe the twinkle in his eye. At any rate, he is precious and I am so happy for you. Your family never ceases to amaze me and I read your blog to see examples of God's love here on Earth. Thank you.

Erin Curtis said...

Those last 2 shots of him are so awesome. Happy Birthday, handsome!