Friday, October 19, 2012

from the outside in.


I always wonder what people think of our family.  I'm sure it's pretty obvious that we tend to stick out in a crowd.  There really is no hiding when trying to make a quick run into a store. In fact, Im pretty sure a quick run really no longer exists.  It certainly doesn't bother us at all, but it does leave us to simply wonder.


There are so many categories of looks -- and of course we've had time to pretty much classify them all.  The main look we get is usually of shock and maybe a bit of sadness.  Cause really, people don't realize that Angela and Jayden are adopted, that we chose them, and spend the first few glances trying to wrap their mind around that fact that we have two children who obviously have different types of unique needs but still very affected.  I always glance back with a smile and a don't worry we are very happy time twinkle in my eyes.


Then there is the every so common glance, turn and wait until I'm not looking and then glance again.  I love this one. I love catching people off gaurd -- maybe I'm a little mean, maybe not.  I just love to show people that it's totally cool to stare, we just would like you to say hi.  In fact I only wish these people would realize that if they hold a short conversation with us and our children they can get a better view than the sneaky stare out of their extreme peripheral vision. I say this all very jokingly with the understanding that some people just don't know how to respond -- and I totally get that.  


This past Sunday I had to one of the coolest encounters yet in regards to my children.  I was in the lobby of our church, which is very large.  Our church can have a few thousand people on a Sunday morning, so often you will meet people for the first time that may have been there for awhile, you just never crossed paths.

A women came up to me and simply said this:

I don't know his story or your story, but I just got to tell you that my husband and I are amazed at the change we have seen in your son.  I don't know what you are doing but keep doing it!

This made me so excited.  She went on to say that when she first saw Jayden she didn't think he was really in there.  He slept tons when out in public and didn't really have any interaction with other people.  He would basically lay in his stroller and that was it.  She had mentioned that last week she saw Jayden fly across the atrium in his wheelchair and she was totally blown away. She felt she just had to come up to me and tell about the dramatic change she had seen.


I love getting a glimpse of what our family looks like from the outside.  It's even more fun when that view gives me a fresh perspective and a huge push of confidence that things are moving forward in the right direction.  That progress is being made and ultimately healing is in the works.


Molly said...

I find myself really hoping my love shines through for the kids I work with when we're out in public. I want everyone to see how these kids are my joy and happiness and that even though they're different, they're awesome. It sounds like you guys do a great job with that! I too am amazed at the changes in your kiddos.

Vertical Mom said...

I keep hoping I'll run into you and the kids at the Y or in the grocery store or Target. After your Y post, I realized that the little girl on the special needs posters at the Y is Angela! I'm sure our paths will cross someday and I'll definitely know those two angels anywhere ;-)

Karen Owens said...

Which Y do you go too? I'm never there anymore as we are mostly out in the Reading area now that I'm on staff at GT church. But we are at that Target A LOT! :)

Phyllis said...

I'm always taken back when I hear people being sad about our situation. Yes there are many reasons to be sad and that sadness is what helps us with fundraising, but we are good! Day to day we are a typical family in more ways than not! We are happy!

JayCee said...

Love the post and love the new look of your blog.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder if people think that Angela and Jaden are twins.

Silly I'm sure, but they do look alike. By looking at them one would never know that they are not biological siblings, Madison included.