Wednesday, October 17, 2012

representing legacy.


I remember after Gavin died one of the most difficult aspects of my grief was the reality that I would meet new people and they would never know of this amazing child I once held in my arms or the story of his life and death. I remember walking into Target one day with this intense desire to have a photo of Gavin blown up to life size and carry him in my cart with me.  I wanted to scream to the world every time I walked out of my house -- I wanted to tell his story.  I didn't want the world to forget.



Almost three years later and my grief has changed a bit.  I still daily long to tell the world about my amazing little boy, but it seems I have learned to find peace and joy in representing his legacy.  It's no secret that Gavin's legacy is very present in our family, in my life.  As our family grows and changes Gavin's life doesn't get pushed behind but rather seems to keep weaving its self deeper and stronger into our roots and into the very essence of what makes us a family -- a unique beautiful family.



How cool is it that we all have the opportunity to represent legacy?  The greatest legacy of all -- Jesus.  A legacy that says that hope can be found, that we do not live for this world but something much greater. A legacy that makes us unique and set apart -- to the point where people are not turned off because we scream Jesus but rather are drawn in because His legacy of love, peace and joy flows from our very being. 


I want our family to represent the life Gavin once lived and the many gifts he left us behind, but more than anything I want our family to represent the Giver of life and legacy.  

I want people to look at us and see nothing but Him.  


Jody said...

I could never forget Gavin. I have followed for quite some time, and remember the tears and the pain when he passed. I have followed and watched as your family grew, both in size and in the Lord. I am inspired daily by you, by the strength and faith you have, and by the love you have for your children.

Anonymous said...

You can't think Owens family without thinking Gavin, or see blue skies and not think of his eyes. Pretty sure that's God reminding us :)