Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{waiting for the miracle}

It's been awhile since I've had time to sit and think and talk to God in silence without the background distractions of kids, nurses and plain old life.  Today Angela stayed home from school, so I had some much needed quiet time during my drive into work this morning.  What is it about the car?  I just know God had his hand in the invention of motorized transportation.  He obviously knew that vehicles would be the ultimate avenue for communion with God.  I can't even being to tell you how many times I've experienced the powerful mind blowing presence of God while sitting in the quiet of my minivan.  

This morning was no different. Things with our house are getting a little bit frustrating.  It seems like every time we make a plan to fix this septic situation, outside authorities put  more restrictions on our plan and make it more increasingly difficult to sell and move on.  We need a miracle -- and today in the  stillness of my van I was assured yet again that our miracle is just around the corner.

In order to sell our house we are going to need a divine intervention from God.  It's not an ideal situation to buy into.  The house is great, but along with buying the house the new owners will now need to agree to continue with further testing to either prove a new septic system can work or eliminate the option.  God's hand needs to be all over this -- and I say with full confidence, that it indeed is.

I was thinking on my drive into work, how in the midst of waiting for our miracle we need to make some difficult choices to change our thinking.  We need to take our feelings of frustration, anger and helplessness and simply give them up and allow God to transform them into sheer excitement.  Cause when this house sells, it will be nothing short of an awesome display of God faithfulness.

He has never led us astray.  His hand is always meticulously working the inner happenings of our lives to play out this amazing story and ultimately show what  a loving and faithful God He is.

As I drove in the car my excitement began to create this ball of inner energy -- a Godly burst of caffeine that is going to help push us to the other side until we can proudly declare to the world, He has done it again!

God is all about taking impossible situations and turning them around to change peoples lives.  I look back at Gavin's life.  As we watched our little boy die in his last hours we had over fifteen thousand people reading this very blog and pouring out their love and support.  People were praying for a miracle -- a last minute miracle that would allow our little boy to wake up and walk out of that hospital.  He never did, in fact his death was more horrific then we imagined.  But almost three years later -- you just can't deny that the miracle indeed happened, just not in way we all prayed for.  But God knew. He knew that out of Gavin's beautiful life and death, many more children would find their healing within  Adam and my arms -- the very arms Gavin helped to shape and train.

But God knew...

So as we wait for our miracle once again, we stand with excitement, believing that it's right around the corner. And in the end, our miracle may look a little different than we would like to see -- but it certainly is still our miracle.  

God is not about giving second best.

Perfect timing.

Perfect precision.

We are waiting for our miracle.


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Kristen said...

Beautiful. I fully agree that your miracle is coming! We too know of what you speak and how life and even death can be a miracle, maybe not the one we envisioned but a miracle and beautiful nonetheless. I can't wait to see another miracle unfold. <3

Vertical Mom said...

Wow...replace septic system with adoptive children and it would be like you wrote this to us! We are waiting, waiting, waiting to be matched for adoption from foster care and we just meet road block after road block - five rejections in the past week alone! I keep telling myself that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him. Thanks for giving me some virtual energy!

Kate Giovinco Photography said...

I am sending over an email. I live locally and would love to learn more about house you are selling. We are in the market for a house right now.