Monday, November 26, 2012

The pursuit.


I remember when Adam and I first started dating -- actually, even before it became official.  That man pursued me with every fiber of his being.  I remember him always strategically placing himself within just a few inches of me.  He wanted me bad.  And I loved that.  

I remember the day when he called me on the phone for the first time.  It's not that he did anything special -- he didn't call me and use a deep Barry White type voice, he just simply made me feel wanted.  He made me feel as if nothing else mattered, he made me feel worth pursuing.

I never want to forget that time.  


The image of first love is something I always want to carry with me.  First love goes way beyond a marriage relationship -- but it flows over into everyday life.  I've learned the importance of displaying first love with my children, particularly Madison.  She needs Mommie to pursue her.  When that pursuit dwindles due to everyday busyness we can tell.  She acts out, disobeys and is generally irritable.  It's crazy how much our children tell us simply through their actions.  

This month we held Camp Madison.  For those who are new to our story, Adam and I created Camp Madison after we begun the process of adopting Angela.  We both recognized that with the addition of special needs siblings Madison would need us to pursue her even more -- she needed to know that her needs will always be met, that mommie and daddy are never to busy to spend time with her.  Camp Madison is a three day event.  Madison chooses all our meals for three days, chooses one big activity each day, such as going to a movie and of course I design official Camp Madison T-shirts.

Camp Madison is a big deal at our house.  We make a chart of five boxes and hang it on the fridge.  In each box is listed three goals for the day: make good choices, try my best and have a good attitude.  If all three goals are met she fills the box with a sticker.  Once all five boxes are filled the celebration and planing being.


This is the best parenting tool for our little girl. Why?  Because this is three days of Adam and I pursuing Madison -- giving her that first love,  doing everything possible to make her feel worthy and a time for us to engrain into her heart and soul that her life matters in a big way.

I feel like in our society the concept of pursuing anything is lost.  Most of us just simply wait for things to happen.  Life is so easy in our first world society.


As Christians we are given the ultimate example of first love -- God becoming flesh and giving his life for us.  He wanted us so bad.  So bad that he endured a horrific death, which he knew all along was the ultimate plan.

I want to carry that same first love.  I want to pursue God, I want to pursue my husband and I want to pursue my children.  

What are you pursuing today?


Laura said...

I never thought of "pursuing" my son and the overall importance of this. We do little things to show our love but it needs to be bigger. I will put that plan into action today...thank you

JayCee said...

I have recently been intentionally pursuing my children's hearts (even though they are almost/mostly grown.) We had a special dinner last night where I said: "We (Dad and I) are very thankful for you." This morning I got a text from my middle daughter that read: "Thanks for wanting me!" (We had watched the movie: "October Baby" where the main character says to her dad: "Thanks for wanting me!").
Love this post.

Michelle said...

I loved this karen

Missy said...

I love this..pursing our children. I have recently started this with my son..making a big effort to really "hear" him when he speaks, to listen to everything he says and to really love him.

I am certainly going to embrace what you have it.

Tama said...

Thank you for demonstrating God's pure love! I just read your story on ABC. What a wonderful testimony to the value of life and how precious all children are. We have 4 children, one child with a disability, and are in the process of adopting 2 more. I can't wait to start reading your blog.