Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Welcome to my table.


We live in a closed society.  Everyone is closed. Our hearts are closed, our minds our closed, our dreams are blocked and the doors to our homes are sealed tight.  This obviously doesn’t describe everyone, but I’m sure the majority of people reading this right now can think of one person – maybe it’s even you.  

There was a time in my life that I was closed.  Totally closed for business.  I wanted things my way, in my time and heaven forbid you offer a suggestion of another way.  Ok, maybe I still am a tad like this, but trust me, I’ve come a long way.


Today, as we approach Thanksgiving I was reflecting on the huge change that has taken place in my family over the past three or so years.  It seems like almost every year we have another beautiful life sitting at our Thanksgiving table.  I was thinking back to the first Thanksgiving after Gavin died and I vividly remember the pain walking into my first family gathering without him.  I remember the tears and the heartache that came along with our first holiday without our little boy.   Today life is a total contrast.  Today as I think about our van full of little ones and my amazing family and friends who wait to welcome every member of our family with open arms, my heart and soul are warm.


Powerful things happen when we open the doors to our soul.

We totally had our chance to seal our doors.  We had every right to close ourselves off to this idea of healing and restoration.  

But we didn’t.  

And I’m so glad we made the right choice.

Life is changed when we open our souls to the things God has for us.  Such an easy choice yet it torments our Godless society where we tend to hide in fear -- where we feel the need to fend for ourselves, make our own way and find our own personal wholeness and healing apart from God.


Lately, I find myself being challenged to open my door a bit wider.  I want all the things God has for me.  I want to hear his voice, even if his answers are not what my mind thinks I need to hear.  I want to crack the windows of my soul and let his spirit refresh this house that I carry on my own two feet.

I want to welcome Him to my table.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful reminder this Thanksgiving! Thank you, and may you be blessed and continue to be blessed beyond your wildest dreams!

Michelle said...

Me too