Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Upsee by Firefly.


Last week we received Angela's new Upsee in the mail.  This amazing piece of special needs equipment just released to the public this month and you better believe it immediately caught my attention.  Angela desires to move in the worst way.  It's her biggest motivation in life -- the faster, the rougher, the better.  She loves to be up and active in her environment and finally someone developed a way to make it possible.


The devices comes in three separate pieces -- a belt for the adult, a harness/suit like contraption for the child and special double sandals.  I will be the first to admit, when the company first starting showing previews online of this thing I immediately tried to rig one up myself.  I came kinda close by using a baby sling and velcro but it really wasn't even close to this thing, not to mention a bit unsafe.  Trust me -- don't try it yourself, your child will not get the same benefit.  I think the double shoes are key.  They are very sturdy and keep the child's feet in position -- walking position!  The quality is amazing and very customizable to each child.


I was asked how it is to get her into the Upsee.  It's not bad.  Of course, is it ever easy to get a spastic almost 6 year old into anything? It does take a little maneuvering to get both our feet into the harness once she is attached to me -- but we did it, and she actually enjoyed the process and giggled the entire time!


We first took the Upsee outside the house and practiced going down steps and walking around the driveway.  Her face immediately lite up -- she was feeling something she has never felt before.  She was walking.

She was walking.

We take so much for granted.  


This device opens up Angela's world.  It allows her to be involved in her environment -- actively involved.  She is seeing and feelings things she has never seen or felt before.  We took the Upsee to the park and walked up the jungle gym steps and went down the slide together. Wow -- her first time ever.  Again -- her face told a powerful story.  So much joy!


I can't wait to take our next adventure. This device has endless uses -- parks, school, shopping, museums, zoo's. We are gonna have so much fun!

Visit the Firefly site to learn more about this amazing device.


Kelly said...

Incredible!!! So happy for your sweet girl!!!

carrie said...

Her expressions are priceless!!! Love it!

Sarah said...

I love this! She is adorable and her face is a testimony to the Upsee! I'm so glad that you are sharing all of these things with others so they can see the potential in children with special needs!

BigMamaDea said...

I can't wait for ours to come. So excited that your review was positive and seems to be a great tool to share the world on another level with our kiddos!!

Sara said...

This post has me in tears. I love it. I wish they could make something like this for adults! (I haven't been able to walk since I was about her age) She looks so happy! she is very lucky to have you as a parent; I know kids with CP who never get to do things like this, so I am thrilled when I see/hear things like this!!!

God bless you and your whole family!!!!!