{Our Adoption Story}

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Adam and I have always wanted to adopt a child.  I think our original plan was to have three biological children and then one adopted.  Kinda funny looking back at it -- little did we know how our life would really turn out.

After our little boy's death in 2009 we just knew that God had used our little boy's life to leave us behind an amazing gift -- a gift to go on and truly live life and give another child with medical needs the same amazing life Gavin had here on earth.

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Just a few short months after his death Adam and I began the process of domestic adoption.  I'm all for international adoption but my heart was set on grabbing a precious little one from this crazy system we have here in or own country.  We wanted to love a child that was deemed unlovable and be that family God destined them to have.

It's kinda crazy that our country has a web database of all those kids who are deemed high risk -- sadly the kids that could possibly never be adopted.  They are either too old or have disabilities.  It was on that very site that I first saw our little girl.  I never inquired about her but rather just looked at her little one inch photo several times a day.  I knew she was ours from the first day I saw her face.

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It took about nine months before Adam and I were officially deemed pre-adoptive parents.  It was in October of 2010 that I got an email from our case worker.  It was her.  Our case worker emailed us the profile of the beautiful little girl I had been loving for months -- It was Angela.  Just a few short weeks later we interviewed at Philadelphia Department of Human Services and we were officially chosen to be her mommie and daddy.

Angela began transition into our home in November and on December 10, 2010 she came home for good.  No longer unwanted but deeply loved, longed for and choosen. Angela is three and due to a brain injury at birth is diagnosed with spastic quad cerebral palsy.  She is also cortically bind and also has a genetic disorder called 1P36 Deletion Syndrome.  She has various medical issues but in the spirit of our son Gavin these things are only slight bumps on her journey.  She is not defined by her needs but rather is full of spunk and overflows with joy.

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Many people question and ask why we would choose to take this on.  Adam and I have always said, "if not us then who?"  The need for families willing to step up and love like God loves us is overwhelming.  This is a crazy life full of very difficult times but it is also an amazing life full of deep understanding about what true life and love is.  God has molded and prepared Adam, Madison and I for this -- this life -- this miracle in the making.  We claim it as our own -- we don't see it as a sacrifice we have made but rather the most awesome gift!

One year later and our story continues.  In Febuary of 2012 we brought home our little boy Jayden and Finalized his adoption is August of 2012.  We have been given a big story by a big God.

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Our adoption story is yet to end as we wait for God's timing to find our last child.  Then we just may be complete!